It's not just the health of staff that suffers when you over-use toxic cleaning chemicals – the health of the environment suffers too. ‬

Cleaning chemicals can have a highly destructive environmental impact. We’ve been campaigning against this since 2008, long before other commercial cleaning companies jumped on the bandwagon.

Bleaches, disinfectants, chlorine-based cleaners, surfactants, dyes or harmful phosphates and other nasty chemicals can be highly toxic. The toxins get washed down the drain with wastewater and often don't break down in sewage treatment. Then they get washed into our rivers, lakes and seas.

These ingredients can cause algal blooms and cause dead zones in our rivers and lakes.

No Toxic Chemicals!

All of our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet out high standards. Many of them are certified to the highest environmental standard in this country, Environmental Choice.

We refuse to make products that contain chemical culprits such as bleaches, disinfectants, chloride-based cleaners, EDTAs, dyes and Phosphates. We significantly limit the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This helps to ensure they have a minimal environmental impact and don’t degrade the air quality in your office.


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