Boost staff health with fewer germs, sick days and allergic reactions

Happier, healthier work environments lead to happier, healthier, more productive employees. Anything that’s good for your workspace is going to be good for you, and your bottom line.

New Zealand has the second-highest prevalence of asthma in the developed world, and we’re proud that our innovative products and cleaning techniques have been recognised as making a difference to people with asthma and allergies.

The great news is, our approach benefits not only those with asthma or allergies, it improves air quality for everyone in your workplace.

A Sensitive Choice®

We’re the first and only commercial cleaning company New Zealand’s Asthma Foundation has approved as a Sensitive Choice® partner. Both our product formulations and cleaning systems have been approved to ensure they help to improve work places for people who have asthma and allergies and respiratory illness.


No mean feat

The Asthma Foundation’s product advisory panel is rigorous. The independent panel is made up of an allergist, GP, industrial chemist, respiratory physician, pharmacist and, to ensure a ‘real’ viewpoint, a consumer with asthma.

The panel took a close look at our product formulations and cleaning systems to ensure they help to improve workplaces for people with asthma, allergies and respiratory illness.

Why We’re Approved

1. Safer cleaning products. We don’t use known asthma and allergy irritants in our products. Such chemicals include carcinogens, aerosols and propellants in sprays, chlorine and ammonia, bleach, and harmful disinfectants. We know our products are the safest on the market – because we designed them to be.

2. Smarter cleaning methods. Simple steps can make a huge difference. Using the best equipment, such as HEPA filters on our vacuum cleaners and specialised micro-fibre clothes, we can greatly improve your air quality while cutting down your exposure to toxic fumes. For instance, micro-fibre cloths can cut the need for cleaning chemicals by up to 90%.

We also stop the spray! Simple changes, like spraying on to cloths, not surfaces, helps eliminate spray cleaners from the air.


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