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5 Ways to Promote an Eco-Friendly Workplace Environment
22 January 2018
Promote an eco-friendly environment in your office by encouraging sustainability in all corners of your workspace. One area that will make a big difference immediately is your break room. Consider adopting the following environmental friendly read more

Environmental Protection: 3 Simple Bathroom Hacks That Save A LOT of Water
15 January 2018
So, you've decided you want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You're going to start recycling, and you're going to get rid of your chemical-heavy cleaners to use more natural solutions that will be good for you, and for the environment. You've read more

The Truth About VOCs: Chemicals, the Environment, and You.
08 January 2018
If you've ever stood outside on what should be a clear, sunny day and encountered a dull smog instead, then you've most likely witnessed the effects of VOCs on our planet. But what exactly are VOCs? What is their effect on the environment? And read more

Common Ingredients in Commercial Cleaners That Cause Allergies
18 December 2017
When you have allergic reactions at work or home, it can be frustrating as we often have so little control over common allergic variables. Maybe your nose starts dripping because of your desk neighbor's perfume or your eyes start watering because of read more

E-cigarettes not safe, and a potential public health disaster if not effectively regulated – says Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ
15 December 2017
In response to the article ‘Vaping better than smoking, Ministry of Health tells MPs’ published on Newshub on 13 December 2017 stating “It is much safer than smoking, and there is emerging evidence it helps people quit, the Ministry of Health said read more

Workplace Recycling Made Easier
11 December 2017
You know the importance of recycling to reduce waste and repurpose items that would normally take up landfill space. The only problem with workplace recycling is getting the entire staff on-board with the program. read more

Are You Trading Allergens for Irritants?
27 November 2017
For many people, exposure to chemicals in the air they breathe can lead to a variety of health problems, from simple runny noses to migraines or worse. For some people, cleaning chemicals used to combat allergens like dust may trigger the exact same read more

Recycling in an industrial workplace
20 November 2017
Recycling in an office environment is a relatively easy operation. You set out bins to gather paper, cardboard, plastic, and so on. Periodically, the contents of the bins are emptied out and sent to the recycling center. But what if you work in read more

3 Ways You Can Boost Your Workplace Health
13 November 2017
Getting sick can have big impacts on your business, as well as on individual performance. With the cold season coming, it's important to make sure you keep your workplace healthy in order to keep running on all cylinders. Some tips you might want to read more

4 Dirty Areas of Your Office That You Are Overlooking
06 November 2017
Unless your business takes up quite a bit of space, having your own janitorial staff is probably not a realistic or necessary expense. However, just because you do not need an in-house cleaning staff member does not mean your office is clean. Here read more

Washing Hands In Cold Water Works As Well As Hot Against Germs
30 October 2017
Good news for anyone planning on getting their hands dirty this summer: Washing them with cold or lukewarm water will work just as well as hot water to remove bacteria, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Protection. read more

The Best Way to Improve Workplace Health
26 October 2017
From keeping the area clean to allowing in fresh air and sunlight, there are a plethora of ways to improve the health and well-being of people in the workplace. One way that is often overlooked, however, is the inclusion of indoor plants in the read more

Tips to Alleviate Your Allergy Symptoms This Season
16 October 2017
Spring is upon us, and this means people will start noticing allergy symptoms. You want to enjoy the gorgeous weather that spring and summer brings, and we'll give you several green tips to alleviate your allergy symptoms and help the environment read more

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Workplace Health
09 October 2017
As a business professional, you know that a clean office presents a polished image to your clients. Whether your office cleaned by a maintenance service or you handle most of the responsibilities on your own, you should be sure to have your read more

The Real Cost of Poor Workplace Health
02 October 2017
Businesses have to juggle a lot of costs to keep their doors open. There's the cost of utilities, the cost of equipment and maintenance, and the cost of employee salaries and benefits. However, while businesses might try to save money by trying to read more

How Chemical Allergies Make You Allergic to Life
25 September 2017
When we think of allergies, usually we think of mold, dust, animal dander, or maybe the occasional period of pollen that leaves us stuffy, sneezing, and feeling generally unpleasant. However, for many, their allergies range above and beyond those read more

Three Benefits of Commercial Cleaning
18 September 2017
It's important to keep commercial spaces clean and tidy for multiple reasons. Workspace appearances directly impact a company's image, and unkempt businesses, schools, and other commercial buildings do not appeal to the public. Here are three read more

Environmental Protection Also Protects Your Workplace Budget
11 September 2017
We all want to save our environment, but did you know that it can be good for your budget as well? According to New Zealand Geographic, “New Zealanders send around 2.5 million tonnes of waste to the landfill - more than a tonne per household.” Not read more

Suffering From Asthma and Allergies at Work?
04 September 2017
Do you find yourself coughing, sneezing, or having trouble breathing - especially while you are at work? This is probably related to work place allergens. These triggers could be as simple as being around someone who is wearing a strong perfume, as read more

How Office Managers Can Green Up Their Workplaceal Protection
28 August 2017
For office managers, the most important part of their job is to make sure that their office is taken care of. They need to make sure that the printer has paper, everyone has a place to do their job, and that their employees are generally taken care read more

National health target required to reduce respiratory illness
22 August 2017
The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ believe the latest findings from the University of Otago study into childhood respiratory illness and primary care reiterate the need for action from the government to introduce a national respiratory health read more

Greenwashing rife in NZ
18 August 2017
'Greenwashing' is the phrase used to describe when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be “green” through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact. read more

6 Steps to Start Recycling in the Workplace
14 August 2017
For many people going green has become a way of life. As more of us start to recognize that we only have one Earth we're stepping up to play our part in taking care of the world. Recycling is a relatively easy way you can start contributing to the read more

Health Problems Related to the Workplace and How to Protect Your Employees
07 August 2017
The average person spends over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Is it any wonder that many health problems are directly related to the workplace environment. Illnesses such as occupational asthma and occupational dermatitis are preventable read more

Christchurch Regional Franchisees now in place
01 June 2017
New Christchurch Regional Office read more

Clean Planet re-signs with Asthma Foundation
01 January 2017
Clean Planet has recently re-signed with the New Zealand Asthma Foundation for a further 3 years as their only Sensitive Choice® partner in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. read more

Service Spotlight - Suck it up!
17 June 2016
Coughs, sneezing, scratchy throat or itchy eyes even headaches may all be symptoms of a dusty workplace. read more

We are "a Hundy"
01 September 2014
100 plus Franchisees read more

New Waikato Master Franchisee
01 August 2014
Clean Planet continues to expand its presence in Regional New Zealand. read more

Wellington Region Open for Business
03 February 2014
Tania Hall our new Regional Manager read more

Fresh New Look
02 September 2013
The new look Clean Planet promotes our focus on health, quality and environmentally-kinder cleaning. read more

Balloon Day - Support a great cause
09 May 2013
One in 4 Kiwi kids struggle to blow up a balloon. Asthma won't let them. At the end of this month, the Asthma Foundation will celebrate Balloon Day to raise awareness and funds to support this great cause. read more