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3 Ways You Can Boost Your Workplace Health
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13 November 2017
1: Stay Hydrated
It seems simple, but too often we will just work the day through without asking how much water we've had. While you might chug a soda or an energy drink for the caffeine, that can actually dehydrate you. It's important to keep a bottle of water at your desk, or to take a walk to the water cooler every hour or so, to be sure you're staying hydrated.
2: Eat Regular Meals, and Exercise
We all lose track of time, but it's important to make sure you eat regularly, and get some physical activity in. Taking a break to eat, or to go for a walk, can refresh your mind, keep you sharp, and best of all it can stop you from building up stress and putting on pounds. Staying active, even when your work is sedentary, is key to maintaining good health in the workplace.
3: Keep Things Clean
Most of us think our workplaces are fairly clean, but there are so many little things we need to do to keep them that way. Vacuuming stops build-up in the carpets, filters make sure the air is scrubbed, and if our doorknobs aren't made of brass, then we need to wipe them off before we use them. Washing your hands, and taking a few moments to wipe off your desk or counter, can go a long way to preventing you from getting sick.
Talk to Clean Planet today about small things we can do to help around the workplace.