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4 Dirty Areas of Your Office That You Are Overlooking
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06 November 2017
Carpets, even low-pile commercial ones, require frequent cleaning. Low-pile carpeting is designed to look less filthy than it really is – if you are waiting till it looks dingy to clean it, you are waiting far too long. In order to reduce dust, allergens, and odors in your office you must take proper care of your carpeting.

If you are lucky, you have one or two employees that do not mind giving the bathrooms a quick wipe down now and then. The taps shine and the toilet paper has been changed, but it is unlikely that their efforts are doing much to keep down the germs in your bathrooms. A proper cleaning requires wiping down the exterior of the toilet, the walls of your stalls and the vents, tiling, bins, paper holders – the list goes on.

Reception areas can see a lot of foot traffic. The chairs, tables, and flooring can get worn out quickly in these areas. Make sure you are taking the time to keep them clean and well groomed. You may not notice the dust on your chair railings or the coffee stains on your upholstery, but your visitors will.

When is the last time someone came through and dusted out your vents? Your HVAC system is one of the biggest culprits for spreading dust, pollens and microscopic germs and viruses through your building. Keeping your vents clean probably will not save your employees from the flu, but it may help cut down on allergy-related symptoms.
Even in an office setting, dust and dirt can build up quickly.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service will reduce odors, allergens, and germs to keep your office looking its best. Call us today for a quote!