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5 Ways to Promote an Eco-Friendly Workplace Environment
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22 January 2018
Stock your workplace refrigerator. Place simple seasonings in the cupboard. Items such as ketchup, soy sauce, mustard, salt, pepper, hot sauce can be purchased for a minimal amount yet, this small step will cut down on a lot of wasted packaging throughout the year.  
  2. Skip the paper cups and plastic forks. Like the condiments, supplying or encouraging employees to bring their own mugs to keep in the office will eliminate a lot of waste. Keep our non-toxic Dish Clean on hand to protect the water supply from harsh chemicals while keeping your employees healthy.
  4. Go beyond recycling and start a compost bin. Recycling food waste has multiple benefits. A small composter in your rubbish collection area or car par reduces the amount of waste your company sends to a landfill and if you can reuse the compost on site, you will be creating nutrient-rich soil.
  6. Start an herb garden. Go full circle with your composting and plant a few useful herbs in your office. Encourage employees to use a pinch of oregano or add fresh parsley to their lunch. Or you can plant some air freshening plants like a spider plant, or a plant with healing properties like an aloe. Aloe is great for paper cuts!
  8. Coordinate group lunches when possible. Institute a potluck day and encourage everyone to bring something to share. Packed lunches can go green too by implementing sustainable packaging, less throw-away plastics and more reusable containers.

Every step towards sustainability counts. Clean Planet can help you keep you on your way to a cleaner, greener workplace. Contact us to set up a consultation.