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Are You Trading Allergens for Irritants?
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27 November 2017
How You Can Help
Reducing exposure to irritating chemicals in the office environment can help reduce symptoms caused by irritation and help you increase productivity. Here are a few tips about reducing chemical irritant exposure where you work:
  • - Avoid strongly scented or aerosolized air fresheners in bathrooms and work areas
  • - Do not use scented garbage bags
  • - Have your carpets cleaned on the weekend to give them time to air out
  • - Do not use spray bottles to apply chemicals – opt for chemicals that are not dispersed into the air. Aerosolizing chemicals leads to inhalation, or ingestion into the lungs, of cleaning and air freshening products.
  • - Some products must be aerosolized during application. Keep employees out of areas in which they are in use until chemicals have settled.
  • - Do not use products with dyes
  • - Always ensure that the correct personal protective equipment is being used at all times.

How We Can Help
Regular cleaning with irritant-free products can reduce the amount of dust and other allergens from your office building without exposing you or your employees to caustic chemical cleaners.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our cleaning products and use products designed to reduce the appearance of symptoms caused by chemical irritation. Our products do not include carcinogens, aerosols, ammonia or bleach – all of which are known to cause allergy-like symptoms. We also do not use products that contain dyes, which are a common culprit behind rashes and other dermal reactions.

You do not have to trade allergens for irritants when it comes to cleaning your office building. Choosing the right products can lead to a healthier working environment for you and your employees.