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Common Ingredients in Commercial Cleaners That Cause Allergies
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18 December 2017

Within many commercial cleaners, there are a number of ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. These ingredients include:
• Triclosan - This ingredient is found in everything from hand soap to laundry detergents. However if your allergies at work only happen at work, it might be better to investigate other ingredients as it is likely in your body wash or deodorant as well.
• Ammonia - Ammonia is like the commercial cleaner's sword against dirt and bacteria. In very small amounts, it is relatively harmless, but its strong fumes can eye irritation as well as respiratory issues very akin to an allergic reaction.
• Hydrochloric Acid - Like ammonia, hydrochloric acid mimics symptoms of an allergic reaction. This ingredient is commonly used in bathroom-specific cleaners and causes respiratory issues and burning or blistering of the skin.
• Formaldehyde - You may think formaldehyde is a mortician's tool, but it is widely used in many cleaners. In cleaners, it is typically known by the name "urea" and even small amounts can cause big allergic reactions. Everything from headaches, to skin irritation and asthma can be caused by exposure.

What to Do For Chemical Reaction in the Home or Workplace?
Most workers have very little control over what chemicals or even cleaning companies are used to clean their workplace. That is why it is so crucial for office managers to take diligent care of the issue. If some of your workers are complaining of allergies, you should look to your cleaning company first. You may be able to request they try different cleaners, but in many cases, it will be easier and healthier to make the switch to a company that specifically uses green products that limit the amount of chemicals used. And at home you must be very careful what you use around the house. You can be sure that Clean Planet's products contain little or no hazardous raw materials and so are safe for our customers and our cleaners!