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Environmental Protection Also Protects Your Workplace Budget
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11 September 2017
Excessive printing of memos and emails not only bloat landfills, but also sinks your budget. Remember you are not just buying printer paper, you are also buying the garbage bags. The more you use one, inevitably the more you’ll use the other as well. Garbage bags are also expensive and plastic in landfills can degrade, polluting the surrounding soil and water. Do you shred your paper before you dispose of it? Fine paper dust pollutes our air, increasing the danger of respiratory conditions such as asthma and emphysema. (Take a look at our Clean Air detergent to combat airborne allergens.) Reducing your use of paper around the office in favor of using computers or even good old word of mouth will not only save you money, but will also help to keep your workplace clean, safe and sustainable.
Paper Plates/Plastic Utensils
Do you offer disposable tableware for your employees’ break room? Replacing them with inexpensive reusable dishes and utensils can significantly spare your budget in the long-term. Washing reusable tableware is better for the environment then adding dirty styrofoam plates to your local garbage dump. And when you use earth friendly and allergen free dish soap, (like our Dish Clean dish detergent), you not only save your local water supply from harmful chemicals but you also keep your employees safe and healthy.
At Clean Planet, we can help you find the best ways to keep your workplace green, clean and sustainable. Just ask us and we can schedule a time to give you a full assessment. One of our friendly staff members will evaluate your premises and maintenance habits to work with you on creating a greener way to manage your workplace. And remember that working greener saves your budget as much as the planet. So investing today can save you a lot tomorrow. Contact us to set up a consultation.