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Health Problems Related to the Workplace and How to Protect Your Employees
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07 August 2017
Occupational Asthma
According to the Mayo Clinic, over 300 substances have been identified as commonly causing workplace related asthma. Asthma is defined as inflammation in the respiratory tract due to an allergic response from an irritant. This causes narrowing of the airway and leads to respiratory distress. The workplace environment may be dusty or have low air quality which could lead to breathing difficulties.

Occupational Dermatitis
Exposure to irritants is the cause of 80% of contact dermatitis. Dermatitis is an inflammatory response of the skin which can lead to itchiness, redness, weeping or ulceration. Environmental factors commonly found in the workplace include; dust, chemical irritants in cleaning supplies and soaps.
One of the easiest interventions to improve and maintain the health of your employees is by ensuring that their workplace is free from common allergens such as dust and mites. Maintain a clean workplace with high quality air is key as well as eliminating strong chemical odors commonly found in commercial cleaning products.
At Clean Planet we can help you to achieve a healthier, low allergy environment that will ensure your workers a more productive and safe place to spend their days. We use only cleaning products that are free from harsh chemicals and carcinogens and our vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA filters that remove fine particles from the environment and air.