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How Chemical Allergies Make You Allergic to Life
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25 September 2017
When we think of allergies, usually we think of mold, dust, animal dander, or maybe the occasional period of pollen that leaves us stuffy, sneezing, and feeling generally unpleasant. However, for many, their allergies range above and beyond those common triggers all the way to the products that are usually used to clean them. If you have mold or dust, chances are you will turn to a number of chemical products to clean them away. However, what happens when those chemicals are your triggers as well?
When it comes to chemical ingredients that trigger allergy and asthma attacks, there are three common culprits that you may be exposed to when cleaning your home, or worse, from the commercial cleaning done at your work.

Asthma and allergy chemical triggers include:
  • Formaldehyde
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
  • Ammonia

All of the above are found in cleaning products where not only exposure to the skin can cause irritation, but so can breathing in the fumes. Often times, the above ingredients give commercial cleaning products the power that they need to clean quickly as well as disinfect a space, but the problem is it can cause everyone with even mild chemical sensitivities in that building to suffer. Exposure to fumes and chemical residue can cause everything from rashes and coughing all the way to symptoms like stomach irritation that resemble the flu. If exposure continues, the worker may need to be transferred or leave the job altogether, often without anyone realizing that they may be sensitive to the chemicals used to clean the building.

It is because of chemical allergies and the newfound links to certain chemicals and the development of cancer later in life that many people are switching to more natural products. They get the same quality of cleaning done without all the chemical risk. Clean Planet products have been especially formulated so any harmful ingredients have been removed or minimised. Call us today for further information or a quote.