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How Office Managers Can Green Up Their Workplaceal Protection
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28 August 2017
The easiest way to make a greener office is to take steps to digitize. Your memos don't need to be sent out on paper when they are much more efficient and often more noticeable when sent out in e-mails. Files can be stored completely online and with the right backup strategy will never end up lost because they got stuffed to the back of a file cabinet. However, the real benefit that digitizing an office has is that you are not only using less paper and ink, but you are dramatically cutting costs involved with printing out physical copies.

Green Materials
Not everything can be digitized, but you can continue to help make your office more environmentally friendly by stocking the office with green materials. This means using recycled paper and envelopes, even if it is just a small change like stocking recycled paper towels in the bathroom and kitchen. Refillable pens and markers can also be a major boon to office finances compared to disposable ones, and when these are all bought in bulk, it can go even further to protect the environment and keep and office on budget.

Green Cleaning
If you clean the office with an in-house staff, choose biodegradable cleaners for the staff. This is easily one of the best ways to keep your staff healthy. There is no chemical residue left around your office while still being an efficient way to keep allergens at bay. However, if you use a commercial cleaner for the office, it can be hard to convince them to switch, but these days there are more and more commercial cleaners out there that use environmentally friendly cleaners and practices because they are not only environmentally healthier, but better for the employees that work in the building and the cleaning staff that has to use those cleaners every day.