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Recycling News: Target Ranges Increase Recycling Efforts to Keep Lead Out of The Environment
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30 January 2018
Target Ranges and Lead Shot Reclamation
One of the major uses of lead in the world is in the manufacture of ammunition, and from police firing ranges to hunting club skeet shoots there is a lot of lead in some very concentrated places. While it isn't a danger to people (since no one walks around ingesting flattened slugs), it can be a problem for the environment if the lead is just left in place.
One man's trash is another man's treasure, though, and according to this source lead shot reclamation is becoming a very big business indeed.
The operation is rather simple, in practice. Shooting ranges contract with a service provider, who then comes to the range and collects all of the lead. The lead is cleaned, weighed, and the client is paid a fee for it based on that weight. The reclamation company then turns around and sells that lead to manufacturers who need the metal to create products like radiation shielding, lead-cell batteries, and hundreds of other necessities.

More Than Just A Green Process
While there is a definite environmental interest in lead shot reclamation, that is far from the only driving factor in the success of these enterprises according to this source. As a non-ferrous metal lead is dense, resistant, and extremely useful, but it can also be recycled over and over again without any real loss. Not only that, but there is profit to be made by the owners of a range, the companies who reclaim the lead, and the smelters who melt down the shot to be reused in new endeavors.
The result is a cleaner range, less heavy metal choking the environment, and a burgeoning industry where everyone wins!