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Suffering From Asthma and Allergies at Work?
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04 September 2017
Now, you are probably wondering how to find out if you are experiencing an allergic reaction, which could lead to asthma, and if so, how to correct this problem. Here are a few steps.

First, you need to determine exactly what is triggering your reactions. You could use the process of elimination, but the most reliable way is to be tested by an allergy specialist who uses a simple skin prick test to determine the cause. This will more quickly narrow down the potential allergens and help you find the most effective treatment for your discomfort.
There are, however, some ways that could alleviate the symptoms even if you can't make it to the allergist. If you work in an office that has carpet, request regular carpet cleanings to get rid of any allergens that are carried in from the outside. Ensure that your work area is free from dust and potentially dust mites. Request that your cleaning crew use environmentally friendly and odorless cleaning supplies. You could also suggest that the building be regularly sprayed for pests.

Commercial cleaners, such as Clean Planet, are specialists who focus on eliminating allergy triggers. By using a professional cleaning crew, you can be confident that the allergens will be kept at a minimum which will, in turn, reduce your discomfort. You don't have to suffer. Let us  help!