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The Best Way to Improve Workplace Health
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26 October 2017
For example, many plants clean toxins out of the air. From benzene to CFC's to volatile organic compounds, indoor plants can help eliminate them from the air and pump out fresh oxygen to the people within the building. 

Spider plants, ivy, and ferns are a great start to improve the health of your workplace. They'll help rid the building of the noxious elements that are found indoors. 
Furthermore, not only will plants help clean the air and promote workplace health, they will also improve the mental fortitude of the people within the building. With fresh, clean air to breathe, people will naturally be more healthy. What's more, the positive mental benefits that come from looking at plants, being close to them, and having them decorating a room are enormous. Workplace productivity has been shown to vastly improve in buildings that use indoor plants as a method of maintaining workplace health. 

Since the average person these days spends 90% of their time indoors, it's essential that the health of the workplace is maintained and improved as time goes on to promote people's well-being.