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Three Benefits of Commercial Cleaning
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18 September 2017
1. Healthy Clients and Employees
Commercial spaces should take both employee and client health seriously. A build up of pollen, dust, or dirt, especially on air ducts and vents, affects breathing, especially for those with allergies and asthma. Leaving dirty dishes, wrappers, and trash scattered on desks or in hallways or overflowing in trash cans attracts vermin like mice and cockroaches who might carry and spread unwanted diseases. Be mindful of creating a safe environment that won't trigger or create health issues. When you keep your workspace clean you'll avoid these problems and prove that health is important to the company.

2. Increased Productivity
Clean and organized spaces are easier to work in and inspire employees to complete their tasks in a timely fashion. Clutter and garbage is distracting and decreases productivity. Employees are more likely to waste time looking for specific papers or tools if their workspace is a mess. They're also less likely to focus one-hundred percent on their projects if the space around them keeps catching their attention and making them think negatively about their environment. In schools students focus on their classwork and teachers more easily when the room is freshly cleaned and smells good rather than dirty and filled with stale air. Keep productivity levels up by maintaining a clean commercial environment.

3. Present a Professional Image
As a business it's important for clients to see that you're organized and take work seriously. If your company doesn't take pride in its appearance then how can a client trust you to properly manage and pay attention to the details of their account? If they are entrusting their children or other family members to your services, such as with schools and physician offices, they'll definitely gravitate towards tidiness. When you keep a clean image you're presenting yourself as professional and caring to every potential customer who walks in the door, and they'll be more likely to consider your company.
Keeping commercial spaces clean takes effort and hard work. Running a company consumes time and energy which sometimes puts cleaning on the back burner, especially if you don't have a designated cleaning crew. Our Clean Planet franchisees offer a variety of cleaning services to fit your commercial workspace. Please contact us to learn more about our services and get started down the road to cleanliness today.