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Workplace Recycling Made Easier
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11 December 2017
Talk to Management
Assuming you are not already in a management position, it is important to the success of your program that management is supportive. They may need to know how and why workplace recycling is valuable.
  • - Improves corporate morale
  • - Saves energy and the environment
  • - Reusable and recycled items can boost profitability

Get the Staff on Board
Sent an email to your associates or coworkers outlining the recycling efforts. Have them respond to your message after they read it. This should encourage everyone to get back in the program and let them know what the recycling plans are going forward.

Start small
- Whenever a new program is in the works, it may take time for some of your colleagues to adapt accordingly. This is easier if there is not too much to adapt to. Start small with your recycling efforts.
  • - Aluminium cans
  • - Plastic bottles
  • - Paper
  • - Cardboard

Make Recycling Less Confusing
Most people agree that recycling is valuable. The problem is that often recycling gets confusing. Many recyclable items end up in the trash because employees may not be sure of where to put them. Mark recycle bins clearly, so everyone knows what items go in which containers.
  • - Label bins clearly
  • - Post recycling facts to encourage participation
  • - Have recycling receptacles next to trash bins wherever it is practical

Recycling Reminders
When your business commits to recycling, contact your recycling center for advice on product handling. Someone will also determine how the recyclable materials will be removed. It may not be necessary to sort items individually, depending on if it can be sorted at the facility.
  • - Half full water bottles are not recyclable, they need to be empty
  • - Check with your recycling center to see if they want caps on or off of plastic bottles
  • - Ask if labels need to be removed
  • - Ask if cans need to be crushed
  • - Rinse out soft drink and juice bottles

Tips to Reduce Office Waste
  • - Offer drinking water in 20-litre dispensers and ask associates to use refillable bottles
  • - Shred office memos to be used as packing materials
  • - Use both sides of paper to reduce consumption
  • - Encourage reusable over disposable products
  • - Buy recycled toner cartridges
  • - Reuse boxes and envelopes whenever possible
Clean Planet uses environmentally friendlier products for our commercial cleaning services.Office recycling is a great way to reduce office waste and motivates people to think about the environment.  Recycling usually takes 90 percent less energy than manufacturing new paper, aluminium and plastic. We care about cleanliness, and we care about our environment - and yours!