5 simple ways to involve and Clean Up your community – Earth Day 2021

by | April 22, 2021

Earth Day 2021

Being the citizens of this planet, it’s our responsibility to look after our planet, Mother Earth. It’s our home where we are all born and live and is also the home of our future generations. Everything we need has been provided to us by nature, such as food, water, air, materials for shelter and nutrients. According to Worldometer, the current world population is 7.9 billion as of April 2021.


Being busier in our day to day lives, we tend to forget our responsibilities towards the environment that has done nothing but only given to us and continues to do so. Maybe, this is why we now have a day called “Earth Day” – to remind us to take some time out and spend it to show our love and care for our planet.


Today is Earth Day, which is an annual event that happens every year on April 22. The main objective of this day is to celebrate it by contributing to the environment. We at Clean Planet are delighted to share with you all what we did to keep our planet clean.


At Clean Planet, we are very passionate about the environment and living up to our name by doing our bit for the planet.


On Friday, April 9, Clean Planet organised a ‘Cain Road Rubbish Collection’. Our staff members picked up rubbish from our street and ended up filling 11 bags (that’s a lot, we know).


Clean Planet | Earth Day

In the beginning, we divided our staff into three teams to cover the whole road and no areas were missed.


We were also joined by a volunteer from Culpan Medical, one of our neighbouring businesses, who helped in this initiative to make a difference. Many thanks!


Once the rubbish had been collected the team separated the recyclables from the general waste to ensure recycled materials can be reused. Anything we can do to help the environment!


Below are some of our photos taken while cleaning


Cain Rd Cleaning

Cain Rd Cleaning | Clean Planet

In honour of Earth Day, we encourage you to be a part of this great initiative by helping your community.


How to Clean Up Your Community: 5 Ways to Get Involved


1/ Go Plogging:


Plogging, in simple words, means picking up litter lying in open public areas such as paper, cans and bottles while doing jogging or a brisk walk to stay healthy and fit. This will not only help you stay well but will also help the environment stay fit.



2/ Save water:


By taking small steps and using a little less water than usual, it is possible to reduce your water usage significantly.


Limiting your shower to a maximum of 5 minutes will save both water and energy. Less use of hot water means less energy needed to heat the water.


Leave a couple of containers in your garden to catch the rainwater, which you can later use to water your garden.



3/ Use the sun to dry your clothes


Avoid using your automatic dryers to dry your washed clothes. Instead, hang them under the sun, which will dry them for you for free, and also known as a natural sanitiser.


This will save energy and decrease your electricity bill. Moreover, after drying under the sun, the clothes will look fresh and smell wonderful.


4/ Take care of your waste



If we don’t want our future generations to live in a polluted environment, we have to take care of our waste. Research suggests that ample generation of waste could be avoided if people reused and recycled what they could.

So, recycle and repair your things if you can rather than throw them away.



5/ Plant Trees


Planting a tree is the best gift you can give to this planet. Plants and trees don’t only make the place look beautiful, but they also provide us FREE oxygen, which we all need to stay alive.


So, by planting more plants/trees – whether, in your home garden or a community space, you will be creating a healthy environment for everyone and your future generations will love you for it.





As a community, we all have the responsibility to look after the planet not just during Earth Day, but throughout the year. If we make a conscious effort towards this, we can make our community more ecologically conscious, sustainable and beautiful.