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Car cleaning is in the Fastlane. With 4.4 million vehicles registered in New Zealand – a 30% increase in 10 years – the brakes are off! We’ve upped the green stakes on this essential service – and want you to join us.

Why Clean Planet car cleaning?

As a leading environmentally-focused life services provider to Kiwi households and businesses for 15 years, we do better by customers, the environment and our franchisees.

We’ve successfully helped over 200 individuals and their families start their own profitable business and want to empower more New Zealanders to do the same.

Car valeting is a growing opportunity – by taking the wheel on eco-friendly car cleaning, our franchisees can deliver the best of both worlds – healthier vehicles and working conditions for themselves and clients, and a business tailored to their lifestyle fit.

Taking valeting to the next level

Householders and businesses deserve greater peace-of-mind, quality and assurance when it comes to car cleaning – after all, New Zealanders spend a substantial amount of time on the road.

Regular car cleaning using safer, eco-friendly products doesn’t just protect against wear and tear on vehicles and boost appearances, it also safeguards health and wellbeing. Our car valeting franchisees travel the best roads:

– Eco-friendly, zero toxin car cleaning products – safer and healthier.
– Flexible business fit – work within your lifestyle demands.
– Sustainably focused – reduced water wastage and no harsh chemicals down the drain.
– Recurring revenue – growing demand for car cleaning nationwide.
– Reduced downtime for customers and commercial fleets – you go to them.
– Low ongoing overheads – the more cars you clean, the more you make.

Why buy a franchise?

Buying a franchise brings benefits beyond dollars, it affords greater flexibility to operate in line with your business goals, lifestyle demands and family focus.

Not only do you have the rewards and freedoms business ownership delivers, but you have the support of a strong network of experts, systems and processes behind you – a knowledge base and guidance to call upon and leverage off.

Why buy a car valet franchise?

New Zealand’s car registration road map is extensive. Whether its personal use, businesses or commercial fleets, demand for reliable, sustainable, eco-focused car services and expertise is increasing.

If you have a love of cars, or people, or the outdoors, or want a change in career pathways – or all of the above – becoming a Clean Planet car valet franchisee affords you a wealth of opportunities.

For a role that delivers on healthy environments, customer experience, high revenue capabilities and lifestyle flexibility – our car valeting drives with difference.

We make owning your own business easy

There’re no bumps in the road when you become a Clean Planet car valet franchisee. Our turnkey approach to business means you’ll link hands with a committed team, who ensure all the systems and processes are in place from the get go and support is on hand around the clock.

This includes ongoing mentoring and training, as well as full admin and accounts care and client invoicing. We not only process all of the invoicing for you so you can focus on a quality service and customer experience but we Guarantee payment to you. No more spending hours in the weekend chasing up slow payers.

We have finance options available, so you can secure your business venture with clarity and assurance going forward.

Talk to one of the Clean Planet team today about your options.

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Car valet services we provide
  • Inside Clean . . .

    Remove and reduce – Engaging healthier products to remove those spills and accidents, and reducing wear and tear on upholstery and car componentry.

    Culling the everyday – Ridding vehicles of those everyday accidents like mud on the floor mats, dog hair on the backseat, coffee on the dash, sticky stuff building up in the glove box, to restore balance and harmony.

    Smell and sense – Getting into the nitty gritty and hard to reach spaces to dimmish the odours, bacteria and unpleasantries that can build up and become hazardous to health.

  • Outside Wash . . .

    Bringing back the bling – Dirt, dust and debris wreak havoc on a vehicle’s exterior, we restore the shine to give them prime position on driveway, at the office and on the open road.

    Waterless washing - with a focus on the environment we offer waterless car clean that can help save over 20ltr of water per clean.

    Protection against the undesirables – Bird poo, tar and environmental waste can compromise the protective layer of cars – even the paint job – but regular cleaning shields the exterior.

  • Outside Wax . . .

    Preserve for the future – A regular wax delivers shine and sparkle, and gives the ultimate layer of protection.

Greening Your Office
Ignite your future

Cruise into a cleaner, greener pathways and drive greater difference into your business goals. We have franchise opportunities available Auckland- wide, so reach for the car valet wheel and speak to one of our team at Clean Planet.

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