Clean Planet Electrify Grounds Care
August 23, 2021

Doing better by the environment is a key agenda item the world over – and Clean Planet are one Life Services Provider focussed on innovating an age-old outdoor industry with their EV grounds care solutions. 

Demand for lawn care continues to soar Auckland-wide – residential and commercial – lives are busy, and grass doesn’t stop growing. However, traditionally, maintenance services have lacked a sustainable focus and eco-conscious. By engaging the latest EV technologies, and bringing onboard the best in lawn care expertise, Clean Planet aren’t just shifting grounds care sustainably, they’re providing safer, trusted services for Auckland families and businesses for the long-term.

As a business innovator, prioritising solutions that do better by the environment, is nothing new to Clean Planet. Their health focussed & eco conscious residential and commercial cleaning operations continue to grow from strength to strength nationwide – with franchisees from the far north to Dunedin. Expanding their services to grounds care was a natural fit – households and businesses deserve healthier spaces to live, work and play, indoors and out.

EV mowing technology – ride on mowers, push and power tools, coupled with organic weed and garden care products – naturally align with Clean Planet’s environmental values: zero emissions, non-toxic, and reduced noise and sound pollution. Their EV mowing services extend to all residential and commercial properties, lifestyle blocks, schools, subdivisions and vacant lots across Auckland – and include weed whacking, leaf blowing, mulching and spraying, and specialist offerings. 

Not only are their tools and mowers EV, but Clean Planet have gone two steps further to utilise EV van transportation – with solar panels on the roof to charge all machinery – strengthening their environmental and sustainable focus.

Ensuring Clean Planet aligns with the best EV mowing technologies and best in grounds care expertise, is essential to its success, says Tony Pattison, CEO of Clean Planet.

“We want people to shift their grounds care focus for all the right reasons – better environmental solutions, and a trusted pair of hands to deliver the best results,” explains Tony. “We synced with the largest existing provider in the market because of over a decade of experience and investment in the market and sustainable EV mowing technologies bought a true sharing of our focus and passion. This knowledge and experience of growing your own grounds care business is invaluable.”

Sentiments echoed by Theo. “Clean Planet are focussed on the full EV picture – not just the mowers and machinery – they value the importance of having EV vans and solar panel charging stations – complete solutions not partial,” he says. “Being a part of the Clean Planet grounds care journey is exciting – it’s affording customers that zero emissions, cleaner, greener promise and guaranteeing quality of service.”

The grass is already looking greener for Auckland residential and commercial Clean Planet customers – with grounds care expansion to other areas tipped to be on the horizon. 

For more information on Clean Planet, and its new 100% electric lawn and grounds care services visit their website at

August 23, 2021
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