Clean Planet Pushes the Boundaries in Grounds Care
August 23, 2021

When it comes to saving the planet, Clean Planet show they can cut it.

Our focus on doing better by the environment and leading with sustainable measures, has revolutionised the commercial and residential cleaning industry nationwide – now we’ve stepped outdoors to better grounds care solutions for Auckland households and businesses. 

We don’t do anything by halves – our stance on the health of the individual and the planet deserves full attention. So, we’ve charged ahead, taking lawns to new EV heights – challenging New Zealanders to rethink outdoor maintenance ways of old, and channel cleaner, greener pathways forward. 

Our grounds care operations include the latest in EV mowing and grounds care technologies – from full EV ride-on mowers, and push mowers. All our other tools that would traditionally be petrol are also electric – weed whackers, line trimmers, leaf blowers etc. 

To top it off, even our vans are full EV, with solar panelling on the roof so we can charge all our equipment meaning we’ll always be ready to work when you need us to. Not only is our equipment putting out zero emissions into the atmosphere, it’s also putting out less noise meaning reduced noise pollution.


As game changers in the cleaning industry, we knew forging better environmental measures forward had no bounds – it doesn’t begin and end with one action or sector. So, we saw stepping into grounds care as best steps forward for planet and people – EV aligns with our ethos to sustain healthier work and living conditions. 

Coupled with our full EV grounds care fleet, our business is backed with decades of grounds care expertise – we’ve brought on board those who have lived and breathed mowing across Auckland for over a decade


Clean Planet have invested in the most experienced people and  best equipment to support this venture, and this knowledge resource and skills will be passed on to our franchisees and customers for the ongoing benefit of all.

Hands-on experience and latest EV technology helps to give Clean Planet customers – residential, commercial, schools, subdivisions, vacant lot owners – guaranteed peace-of-mind. Outdoor maintenance completed within healthier bounds and EV technology that actually improves the quality of lawns – our mulcher mowers gift nutrients back to the soil, not take it away. 

What makes our venture into the Great Outdoors even more exciting is that EV mowing may be ground breaking, but it isn’t bank breaking – there are no extra costs to customers switching to EV operations – so let’s dispel those myths of old. We’re excited to reach out to customers Auckland-wide – let’s turn over a new leaf in lawn care. 

For more information on Clean Planet, and its new 100% electric lawn and grounds care services visit their website at

August 23, 2021
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