Clean Planet’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship: Cain Road Street Cleanup

by | June 17, 2024

At Clean Planet, our dedication to a cleaner environment extends far beyond our everyday cleaning, mowing, and valet services. Each quarter, we organize a street cleanup event on Cain Road, the street where our business resides in Penrose, Auckland.

The Environmental Benefits of Street Clean ups
Street cleanups offer numerous environmental benefits, particularly in a country like New Zealand, where natural beauty and environmental health are highly valued.

Reducing Pollution: Regular street cleanups remove trash and debris, significantly reducing the amount of litter in public areas. This effort is crucial for removing plastics, which can break down into harmful microplastics and contaminate the environment.

Preventing Litter from Entering Waterways:
By preventing litter from entering rivers, lakes, and oceans, our street cleanups help protect marine life from ingesting or becoming entangled in waste.

Fostering a Sense of Community Responsibility:
Street cleanups encourage community members to come together, fostering a collective sense of responsibility for their local environment. This communal effort strengthens social ties and promotes a culture of environmental stewardship.

Through our street cleanups, we actively contribute to reducing pollution and promoting recycling. We collected over 10 bags of rubbish, weighing 15 kg, from the streets and business park on Cain Road Street, with much of it recyclable.

We ensue to foster a sense of community and shared responsibility by bringing together volunteers from various businesses. We responsibly dispose of waste collected during the street clean and recycle where possible. Our neighbouring businesses, like DHL Penrose, have been strong supporters of this initiative and actively participate in the Street clean-up without fail.

Clean Planet is more than just a property and facilities service provider; we are a community-driven organization deeply committed to making a positive impact on our environment. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions and giving back to our community.