Clean Planet has initiated a policy for the protection of our customers.

COVID-19 effective hand sanitisers have been issued to all franchisees and Clean Planet requires that the cleaning crews sanitise their hands with the hand sanitiser before entering each building or site. This will provide protection for the cleaners and ensure customers that transfer of micro-organisms from site to site is kept to a minimum or eliminated completely. This is a mandatory requirement and will continue until the current pandemic has subsided.

Other things we are doing:

• Clean Planet is investing in sanitising equipment and products to use as part of cleaning procedures. We have implemented the use of sanitisers and disinfectants as part of our product range. These products combat germs, bacteria and allergens resulting in more comprehensive cleans and protected staff.

• Franchisees will take extra care that uniforms are clean at all times. Clean and laundry-sanitised uniforms are less likely to be vessels for bacteria/germs. Clean uniforms lower the chance of contamination from room to room or site to site. As part of our training manual franchisees are instructed to ensure uniforms are cleaned every day and a kit of uniforms is provided. We also audit uniform cleanliness.

• Disposable gloves must be used and changed/discarded as per Clean Planet policy. Gloves are changed and disposed of every 1 hour (depending on cleaning times) to prevent bacteria accumulating due to sweat/heat inside the gloves. Gloves are also changed straight after cleaning of heavy traffic area (e.g. toilets, kitchens).

• Washing all cleaning cloths using a disinfectant & hot wash. Similar to uniforms, cloths are a vessel for bacteria and germs. Hot wash and disinfectant eliminate the risk of contamination. Clothes are washed every night (after the cleaning job is completed). Franchisees have a large supply, meaning clothes are recycled and cleaned without risk of shortage.

Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind by way of excellent cleaning in these uncertain times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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