3 steps to declutter your mind – Marie Kondo’s approach

by | May 1, 2019

3 steps to declutter your mind – Marie Kondo’s approach

Together with owning too many things in your place, we also distract ourselves. It’s time to limit our focuses based on your core values and main things (spark the joy) in life.

The recent study by DePaul University indicates that there is a tight link between procrastination and lower life satisfaction with a cluttered home and office.

Joseph Ferrari – the lead author of DePaul study said: “We have taken our wants and been told they are needs” (The New York Times). This is also the primary reason why many of us have many stuffs that may not add the value to our lives any more. Thus, the clutters laying around the house could stress us out and procrastinate us.


“Along with owning too much stuff, we also pile unreasonable demands on our time. It’s time to limit our focuses.”


Decluttering could be a challenge for a lot of people. However, the following three-step process can add value to the effort to declutter your mind and your things around homes and office.


  • Create a short list of your primary values in life and five things that are the most meaningful to you. These will be considered to be the guidances for you in life.
  • Take a look at the time and energy each day you spent. If you have difficulty scoring the “average”, you can look back the past week or two and find your answer to this. How many percents of your time and energy spent on your primary values and meaningful things to you? As a result, you can gradually cut down the activities which are not spent on the core and quality values.
  • When there is a new opportunity coming, you need to ask yourself about how much time and energy you are going to spend on this. By answering clearly this question, you can make quality decision and can avoid being overwhelmed with the excitement of the new thing (but not aligned with your core values and meaningful things).


Focus on you core values and five important things in your life.



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