Ernesto and Anna Lopez – from refugees to successful owners of the largest Clean Planet franchise in New Zealand
September 19, 2019

Ernesto and Anna Lopez have become Clean Planet’s largest commercial cleaning franchisees with more than $400,000 worth of business.


Coming to New Zealand as refugees in 2004 from El Salvador – a Central America country which according to Ernesto is “a very beautiful country but the name of the country might be bigger than the country itself”,  Ernesto and Anna have grown their own successful franchise business to the largest in New Zealand by understanding business concepts and utilizing all the support from the Clean Planet headquarters.


Ernesto said: “In 2005, when I was working for a small cleaning company, I thought of the best way to own a business and work around that. Immediately, I searched on internet and the name Clean Planet commercial cleaning franchise company came up. At that time, when I first started, I had many conversations with Clean Planet managers, and I am still very happy with my decision to come onboard.”


CEO Tony Pattison and Ernesto Lopez – successful owner of Clean Planet’s largest franchise 


In terms of the benefits of becoming a franchise owner with Clean Planet, Ernesto emphasized the professional manner. “Everyone can clean; however, when you cover a very large commercial cleaning site such as a school, a factory, a big office, you need to be very professional in cleaning and in your manner. Maintaining a consistent superior cleaning quality and excellent customer  service are the key to be successful in this business.”


Clean Planet stands out in the cleaning industry because they are the first and only cleaning company in New Zealand awarded with Sensitive Choice partnership status from the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand (alongside other certifications such as Environmental Choice and being a member of the Sustainable Business Network). This is one of the key points why Ernesto chose Clean Planet. The cleaning products can improve air quality and help reduce asthma and respiratory conditions for New Zealanders. Working around non-harmful cleaning products also helps Ernesto keep his health consistently in good condition.

“I am 60 years old. I take care of my cleaning business and work out regularly.”


Photo: Ernesto and Anna Lopez and some of their team


One key thing that Ernesto reveals to other Franchisees is to maintain their relationship with the Franchisor Clean Planet.


“Understanding the relationship as business partners in a Franchise business is the key to success. You need to understand that the staff at the Headquarters are there to help you grow the business. They have great knowledge of the industry with sales and marketing along with a great operational team for you to learn and grow your business. You don’t need to start and do everything yourself, they have all the useful tools there to help you grow.” Ernesto added: “However, if you do not understand and build this relationship, you will fail the franchise business.”


Ernesto and Anna Lopez – successful owners of Clean Planet’s largest franchise

Anna Lopez received the trophy for successful owner of Clean Planet’s largest franchise


In terms of cleaning industry, Ernesto says it’s a very competitive industry. However, since establishment in 1998, Clean Planet has been highly successful with more than 1000 clients nation-wide and operating in 12 regions with a strong Master Franchise network. Everyone in Clean Planet understands that franchisees will clean the premises with a consistently high cleaning quality and serve the customer with excellent customer service. That is how the company maintains their clients and continues to grow over more than 10 years of operation.


Congratulations Ernesto and Anna Lopez again on winning the trophy for the largest franchisees with Clean Planet.

September 19, 2019
Clean Planet NZ
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