Flexible working hours, unlimited income – Sam Subramanian
August 16, 2018

Sam Subramanian got his PhD in Engineering 30 years ago. He had been teaching at Manukau Institute of Technology for 16 years in software development and computer programming before he came to Clean Planet to join as a Home Cleaning Franchisee. At the age of 65, Sam took his wallet to retirement as he was not happy with a fixed income..

“I clearly saw an opportunity to grow business with Clean Planet.”

At first, Sam saw opportunities in the cleaning industry with either commercial or domestic cleaning as his wife had been a site manager and cleaning supervisor for 15 years.

After consulting many other companies and comparing the packages with other cleaning companies, Sam decided to become a Franchisee with Clean Planet.

“I am a GREEN man myself. I don’t use plastic bags. Because Clean Planet only use Green chemicals in cleaning services, it matches with my living philosophy. It will help to have a green and clean environment for the next generation, I believe.”

The Franchise package with Clean Planet is also very affordable so it can match with a lot of people’s budget to open a business.

The premium brand gives a greater income security and the potential to earn a higher hourly rate. Clean Planet provides all the equipment, products and processes the franchisees need to get the business off the ground.

Since April 2018, under the guidance of Clean Planet Domestic Cleaning Manager Rod Lang, Sam has expanded the business and recruited two teams to work with him. He trains the teams very carefully and conducts audits and quality checks regularly. The more Sam is with the business, the more he realises the potential of this market.

Sam says lack of time is a big factor in why people will use cleaners in their homes. “17 years ago, I didn’t even see half of the cars on the road like nowadays. People leave at 5-6 am to get to work and come back home late at night. At the weekends, they spend quality time with the family or travel somewhere. That’s why they need more professional cleaners to take care of their homes.”

With strong expertise in technology and a head in business, Sam strongly believes in a well-branded name like Clean Planet – a sustainable cleaning service brand – will not only take care of your home but also contribute to a clean and healthy living environment in New Zealand.

Many people ask Sam how much money can Sam earn in a year with this business. He smiled and said:

“Why don’t you ask yourself how much money you want to earn in a year. Then, based on that, you create your own business plan and goals, and focus on your business. The money will come and the business will grow.”

The focus and life philosophy have contributed to Sam’s success and will continue in this business.




August 16, 2018
Annie Do
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