Floor & Carpet – An Important Touchpoint Spreading COVID

by | March 22, 2022

Floor & Carpet – An Important Touchpoint Spreading COVID.

Did you know your floor and the carpet plays a critical role in spreading the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its variants that cause the COVID-19 disease? People often forget how the floor and carpet can contain and transform and spread the virus. Typically, those surfaces we touch with our hands are referred to as high-touch surfaces. However, researchers conclude the floors are one of the germiest places that can harbor and spread viruses and pathogens like coronavirus.

Carpet - an important touchpoint spreading COVID A study published in the American Journal of Infection Control states that the floors harbor potentially dangerous germs that warrant reclassifying them as “critical” areas for disease transmission. The research was set up in hospital settings – where the researchers found Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) on floors. After health care workers touched objects that had been in contact with the floors, MRSA was found on the hands of 18 percent of the workers and VRE on 3 percent.

How is COVID spreading through the floor and carpet?

There are several ways of getting the germs onto the floor and carpets – one of the most common ways is through the transmission of respiratory droplets from people who are virus-infected.

transmission of respiratory droplets from people who are virus-infected.

If an infected person exhales, talks loudly, coughs, or sneezes, their respiratory droplets turn into aerosols and can travel as far as six feet from their source. During this time, they can be inhaled by others, spreading infection. However, these droplets are generally not in the air for a long time. Instead, they soon land on nearby surfaces, including floors. But this is not necessarily their final resting ground.

Due to room airflow, pathogens may be stirred up and moved from one-floor area to another area or surface. They can also be disturbed when someone walks over the floor. The droplets, formerly on the floor, can become airborne, which means that walkers inadvertently carry them a considerable distance, potentially spreading infection.

Eventually, however, they resettle on floors where they can pose a risk to anyone who comes in contact with them, directly or indirectly. This is how the health care workers mentioned earlier came in contact with MRSA and VRE—by touching objects that had been in contact with the floor.

How an Effective Floor / Carpet Care & Deep Cleaning Service could help STOP the spread of COVID

Professional Cleaning service providers like Clean Plant have expert cleaners who can decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize the virus-infected floors & carpet of your home, office spaces, health care centers, education industries, and other commercial sectors.

COVID spread

1. Strong & effective – Environmentally friendly Floor Cleaning Products

Clean Planet’s products are 100% New Zealand made, environmentally friendly, with many Sensitive Choice approved and BioGro organic certified. We’re proud to have successfully created a range of healthier, environmentally kinder cleaning products that work for commercial and domestic cleaners and are just as effective as conventional cleaners. Clean Planet’s cleaning products are effective, and yet safe for children, elders, and pets. You can learn more about our products here: www.cleanplanet.co.nz/shop-online/. 

Environmentally friendly Floor Cleaning Products

2. COVID Deep Cleaning & Sanitise Misting Service for Floors & Carpets

Sanitise Misting and Deep Cleaning processes help to quickly disinfect a whole area to kill viruses, germs, bacteria, and pathogens. Sanitise Misting is done by spraying disinfectants to the affected areas; the technique works by emitting millions of tiny droplets of chemicals that will kill hazardous pathogens and bacteria and eliminate viruses, using a handheld machine to vaporize the disinfectant liquid and project it in the form of a mist.

Focusing on all the high touch point areas including the floors & carpets along with the door handles, shelves, cabinets, walls, and washrooms, and more –

Clean Planet offers – Three Tire Deep Cleaning Services and Sanitising Misting services.

COVID Deep Cleaning & Sanitise Misting Service for Floors & Carpets

Tier 1 Deep Clean

• General Cleaning
• Sanitizing all touchpoints including door handles, switches, taps, doors.
• Appropriate PPE – disposable gloves and masks.

Tier 2 Deep Clean

• Cleaning and sanitising everything up to two meters high including walls.
• Includes entrance, foyer, reception, office areas, meeting rooms, stairs, corridors, kitchen, and lunchrooms.
• Disinfecting toilet and washroom areas included
• Extra precautions will be taken in the areas where people are frequently visiting.
• Appropriate PPE is worn – disposable gloves, masks, overalls, overshoes, eye protection, or visor.

Tier 3 Deep Clean

• High-level deep cleaning and can include below options to suit your requirements;
• Disinfecting using a high-level procedure that involves fogging with a suitable approved product.
• Steam carpet cleaning, Strip and Polish for hard floors.
• I.T. sanitizing including all phones, computers, printers, and other periphery devices.
• Appropriate PPE is worn – disposable gloves, masks, overalls, overshoe, eye protection, or visor.

Enquire more about our 3 tire Deep cleaning service or request a quote here: www.cleanplanet.co.nz/booking-online/

3. Professional Expertise in Floor Care & Carpet Cleaning

Professional Cleaning service providers like Clean Plant have expert cleaners who are well versed in understanding and cleaning the different types of flooring in New Zealand such as the wooden/timber floor, tiles, sheet vinyl, laminate, carpet, and more.
carpet cleaning - cp cleaner in CP Office
Our professional cleaners’ experience and expertise in using chemical products and cleaning methods know how to make your premises clean, hygienic, and safe for you and everyone around you. Expertise in floor care including regular or periodic buffing and strip and polish service can help maintain the flooring finish and lengthen the life of the covering. A super eco-scrubber has helped our customers to save 40% on water costs and significantly cut the use of cleaning chemicals.

With professional expertise, Hospital grade & environmentally friendly products, and effective sanitising and deep cleaning services, you can reduce the spread of COVID through the floors and carpets.

You can book service online – with the link below: www.cleanplanet.co.nz/booking-online/

Or call us at 0800 274 355 to get a quick quote or email us at info@cleanplanet.co.nz to learn more.