Meet Jay Li – Clean Planet’s Domestic Master Franchisee
March 16, 2021

Today, in the fifth article of our “Meet our Master Franchisee” series, we will introduce Jay Li – one of Clean Planet’s Master Franchisees, focussed on Domestic Cleaning in Auckland.


Jay started his journey with Clean Planet as a commercial cleaning Franchisee in South Auckland. Later, when the opportunity of becoming a Clean Planet Master Franchisee became available, Jay jumped at the chance. Jay is now our Domestic Master Franchisee for South and East Auckland.


A Clean Planet Master Franchisee is effectively a Regional Manager, with a wide-ranging job description, which includes expanding the existing customer base through Business Development activities, maintaining Service Excellence for current customers, and recruiting, training and managing local Franchisees, among many other things.


It’s a busy gig!


We asked Jay a few questions with regards to his role as a Master Franchisee; things he is passionate about, challenges he faced as a Master Franchisee / Regional Manager and how did he overcome them.


This is going to be a very interesting article. So, keep scrolling to keep reading!


Jay Li | Domestic Master Franchisee


1/ What’s your Region and role description?


“My role is Domestic Master Regional Franchise for South & East Auckland.”


“The main focus of my role is to manage our cleaning franchisees to deliver quality domestic cleaning services in my region. My goal is to expand our existing customer base and strive towards Clean Planet creating a strong presence in the domestic cleaning market.”


“My role also includes providing support to our domestic franchisees and helping them to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.”



2/ Tell us about your previous career and experience?


“I always wanted to start my own business. So after I graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Chemical and Materials Engineering, I joined a start-up clothing company, where I worked for about 5 years as an operations manager.”


“I was responsible for the daily operations as well as opening retail stores across New Zealand. At one point, we had 11 retail stores between New Zealand and Australia.”


“I also have a construction background that provides steel fixing for commercial clients.”


“When a cleaning franchise was on sale, I took the opportunity. After operating as a franchisee at Clean Planet, I got to know more about the brand, and I wanted to invest more. So, when the opportunity for a Master Franchise was available, I immediately took the chance.”


3/ Hobbies – what are you passionate about?


“I like learning new skills and concepts. I enjoy talking to people and learning about their experiences and culture. I also enjoy reading autobiographies.”


“I’m passionate about overcoming challenges and achieving my goals. One of my goals is to grow the Auckland domestic market. I want to make Clean Planet one of the first things that come to mind when people require cleaning services.”



4/ Why did you decide to become a Master Regional Franchisee, and what have you discovered since you have been with Clean Planet?


“I started as a Clean Planet franchisee, as time went by, I got to know more about the brand, the values and the people.”


“Aside from the attraction of the company, Covid-19 really highlighted the importance of cleaning and hygiene. It is a good industry to be in, and I know by choosing the right company (Clean Planet) will go even further.”



5/ What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Regional Franchisee, and how did you overcome it? 


“I’m still in my first year as an MRF. I know barriers will be inevitable, but I know I will overcome them with the support of my franchisees and the support of the Head Office.”


“I think my biggest challenge will be sales. However, I know that with the correct formula: With the right people, the right products and high standard services combined with our values, we will succeed.”



6/ Why do you believe clients should choose Clean Planet?


“People need to start thinking long term. We need to think about the kind of world we want our children and our children’s children growing up in. We only have one planet; we really need to take care of it.”


“One of the things that Clean Planet stand for is eco-friendly, which benefits both the environment and people. Clean Planet is the only cleaning company that has its products approved by Sensitive Choice.” (Sensitive Choice® is a community service program to help you identify household products and services that are asthma and allergy aware)


We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Master Franchisee’ with Jay Li! We would like to thank him for dedicating some of his time to us!


Look out for more upcoming articles on our Master Franchisees!


March 16, 2021
Clean Planet
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