Meet Meenal Dutt – Clean Planet’s Master Franchisee for Manawatu
February 12, 2021

This is the fourth article of our “Meet our Master Franchisee” series.


Today, we will introduce you all to Clean Planet’s Manawatu Master Franchisee, Meenal Dutt.


A Clean Planet Master Franchisee is effectively a Regional Manager, with a wide-ranging job description which includes expanding the existing customer base through Business Development activities, maintaining Service Excellence for current customers, and recruiting, training and managing local Franchisees among many other things.


It’s a busy gig!


We asked Meenal a few questions with regards to her role as a Master Franchisee; things she is passionate about, challenges she faced as a Master Franchisee/Regional Manager and how did she overcome them.


This is going to be a very interesting article. So, keep scrolling to keep reading!


Meenal Dutt | MRF Manawatu


1. What’s your Region and role description?


“I am the regional manager for the very beautiful Manawatu Region. My role involves:


Expanding business within my region, and recruit new franchisees.

Maintain a good relationship between clients and franchisees.

Help my franchisees to meet their goals.

Make sure the cleaning is kept up to standard.

Making time to meet up with my franchisees just to see how things are going in general.”


2. Tell us about your previous career and experience?


“I started my journey as a Processing officer for MSD (Studylink). I thoroughly enjoyed my role there and always wanted to upskill.”


“After 3 years, I decided to move on and try something new. I got hired as a CSR for state insurance. It was a different experience.”


“After 3 years with State Insurance, I started to search for a different challenge and started working a Registered financial adviser for an insurance brokerage. I was in charge of my own team, maintaining a portfolio and expanding the area I was expert in.”


“I took a break for 2 years to look after my beautiful children. After some time, I just wanted to get out again and work. I got an amazing opportunity to work for MBIE as an Immigration Officer.”


“When the MRF role was made available in my region, I jumped at the opportunity. I have always loved challenges, and this role is one of them. I enjoy getting out in the field and pushing myself to do better.”



3. Hobbies – What are you passionate about?


“My hobbies are spending time with family, travelling and SHOPPING!”


“I am passionate about setting goals and meeting them. I don’t mind getting out of my comfort zone to achieve what I set out for myself.”



4. Why did you decide to become a Master Regional Franchisee, and what have you discovered since you have been with Clean Planet?


“This role is customer-focused, and from my experiences, I believe I can put my knowledge and experience to grow this region.”


“Manawatu is not a very big region, but has a lot of potential. I wanted to take this opportunity to make Clean Planet a name in Manawatu. The main difference between Clean Planet and any other cleaning company is that Clean Planet truly cares about our environment and people’s health and not just a day-to-day job, which makes me proud to be representing this company.”



5. What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Regional Franchisee and how did you overcome it?


“I have not quite made it to a year yet, but I have had my fair share of struggles.”


“I started off being really nervous when approaching potential clients, always being conscious of not missing any information. I have had great support from our Operations Manager, who has been very patient with me and encouraging me to do better.”


“When I compare myself from when I started to now, I feel a lot more confident and can see the growth.”



6. Why do you believe clients should choose Clean Planet?


“Because our products are approved by Sensitive Choice.” (Sensitive Choice® is a community service program to help you identify household products and services that are asthma and allergy aware)

“Our products are made in New Zealand, and they are not harmful to us or to our environment.”


We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Master Franchisee’ with Meenal Dutt! We would like to thank her for dedicating some of her time to us!


Look out for more upcoming articles on our Master Franchisees!

February 12, 2021
Clean Planet
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