Meet Mohan Singh – Clean Planet’s Master Franchisee for the Wellington CBD
July 24, 2020

In this very special blog, we introduce you to Clean Planet’s Wellington CBD Master Franchisee, Mohan Singh. A Clean Planet Master Franchisee is effectively a Regional Manager, with a wide-ranging job description which includes expanding the existing customer base through Business Development activities, maintaining Service Excellence for current customers, and recruiting, training and managing local Franchisees among many other things. It’s a busy gig!


We asked Mohan a few questions with regards to his role as a Master Franchisee; things he is passionate about, challenges he faced as a Master Franchisee and how did he has overcome them.


As you can see, this is going to be a very interesting blog. So, keep scrolling to keep reading!


Mohan Singh - Master Franchisee Wellington


1. What’s your Region and role description – As you see it


“I am the Regional Manager (Master Franchisee) for the Wellington CBD region. I see my role as that of a manager who takes pride in creating and maintaining relationships with existing clients in order to ensure that they remain happy with our services, and are comfortable enough to tell me when things need changing.”


“However, a key element of my job description is staying in touch with franchisees, guiding them to continue being the best business owners they can be (by taking responsibility for their workers, business, and more) and directly assisting this process particularly during times when clients ask for fixes or service changes. Conclusively, I see my role as a middleman between the franchisees and the clients and see myself as the spare wheel of a car who should always be there to provide support if needed.”


2. Tell us about your previous career and experience


“After studying commerce and accounting studies in my home country, I sought a change in direction upon arriving in New Zealand.”


“Finding a passion in the management of teams, I completed a management degree locally at Weltec in Petone. During my time at university, I climbed through the ranks of a restaurant over a five year period. Beginning as a waiter, I worked up to the position of Restaurant Manager where I focused primarily on two areas of business – ensuring my team was adequately trained and happy, and ensuring greater profit margins for the restaurant.”


“It has since been my belief that keeping your team in high spirits through support will ensure they, in turn, take care of our customers with a smile. The restaurant grew to be the biggest and busiest in the region but as a self-starter, I always believed that I would start and run my own business, which began, finally, at Clean Planet. Beginning as a franchisee owner in Christchurch, I have since expanded cross-country into Wellington as a Regional Manager, where I continue to be passionate about increasing/expanding the area of my business.”


3. Hobbies – what are you passionate about?


“I put a high priority on my health and well-being. In doing so, I am very passionate about fitness. I work out four or five times a week and keep a daily journal of my meals. This has helped me stay disciplined, learn what works for me and where I can improve, and keep track of my short and long-term fitness goals. I love to run races and have participated and gained in a few medals in my home country. I still participate in the park runs every weekend locally in Lower Hutt, with the main goal of setting new records for myself. Apart from this, I like to go hiking, walking around the beach, having weekend drinks and long drives with friends and family.”


4. Why did you decide to become a Master Regional Franchisee, and what have you discovered since you have been with Clean Planet?


“In my last position, I was hired as a manager after the two previous managers were fired, which created a pressurised environment for me to succeed.”


“However, I found that once I had become comfortable in the role, learned how to delegate tasks and gained the ropes on how to train new staff efficiently, the problems that had caused the demise of the previous managers began to ebb away, leaving a relatively smooth sailing ship. The restaurant started getting busier day by day, and the team was praised for our efforts which only solidified my passion for management.”


“Becoming a Regional Manager within Clean Planet followed much the same journey. Once I learned about Clean Planet’s products and key points of difference such as being the only cleaning company that is a Sensitive Choice partner, I began loving the diversity of my Clean Planet clients who always valued our policy-based refusal to use toxic chemicals within our products, to keep all those within the building safe.”


“Since then, I have realised that I wanted to expand my client-base to see wider results and happy customers, which is why I didn’t think twice as soon as I heard about the opportunity as a Regional Manager in Wellington and so moved from Christchurch.”


5. What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Regional Franchisee and how did you overcome it?


“Getting rejected by our potential clients is always a challenge, and I try to minimise that whilst not being afraid to try again in the future. I consider [National Operations Manager] Abhi Lal one of the best mentors I have experienced at Clean Planet who, particularly in this aspect of the business, has always given great advice about introducing myself to the potential clients every year. The goal is to make the client remember our company and our specific vision for a cleaner and less-toxic environment for their company. I am doing this and trying to build all these contacts and hoping to gain a larger client base in the future with this advice.”


6. Why do you believe clients should choose Clean Planet?


“I think that we should be the choice of clients as we don’t use any dangerous chemicals (like bleach, ammonia, etc.) in our products. I, myself, had acute asthma as a child and working around the offices we clean, I feel safe knowing that this will not be onset by the products we use.”


“I believe that staying away from these harmful chemicals improves the quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases, and illnesses and I can wholeheartedly recommend this to our clients whilst working under Clean Planet. Furthermore, toxic-less products ensure the safety of families and the planet. I think that future generations deserve a brighter and better future and using eco-friendly products is a key way in which to help with this. I love the service standards that our company believes in, and I thrive to maintain them in my region.”



We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Master Franchisee’ with Mohan Singh! We would like to thank him for dedicating some of his time to us! Look out for more upcoming articles on our Master Franchisees!


July 24, 2020
Clean Planet
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