Meet Praneel Nair – Clean Planet’s Master Franchisee for Rotorua
December 11, 2020

This is the third article of our “Meet our Master Franchisee” series.


Today, we will introduce you to Clean Planet’s Rotorua Master Franchisee, Praneel Nair.


A Clean Planet Master Franchisee is effectively a Regional Manager, with a wide-ranging job description which includes expanding the existing customer base through Business Development activities, maintaining Service Excellence for current customers, and recruiting, training and managing local Franchisees among many other things.


It’s a busy gig!


We asked Praneel a few questions with regards to his role as a Master Franchisee; things he is passionate about, challenges he faced as a Master Franchisee and how did he overcome them.

As you can see, this is going to be an interesting blog. So, keep scrolling to keep reading!


Praneel Nair - Regional Manager, Rotorua

1. What’s your Region and role description – As you see it


“I am the Rotorua’s Regional Manager. Rotorua is a small place so support to my franchisee is only minutes away for any help they require, such as – providing assistance with training in cleaning, and other cleaning requirements. Our weekly routine of getting in touch with customers is to keep our customers happy i.e. communications is the key to achieve more positive results.”



2. Tell us about your previous career and experience.


“I moved to NZ in 2003 to advance my career as a pastry chef. I worked at James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor till 2006 before moving to Rotorua to join the Millennium Group. Soon realising that the cheffing career has reached its cap. I then purchased my first business because I wanted to be my own boss. However, I quickly switched to the Courier business, as the earlier was not proving as profitable as I had expected.”


“Having tirelessly worked for the courier since 2008, having taken no sick leave or annual leave, I decided to rest it up and take up something less stressful yet stable.”


3. Hobbies – what are you passionate about?


“I am a passionate soccer player and play it on a competitive level and travel to different cities to participate in tournaments.”



4. Why did you decide to become a Master Regional Franchisee, and what have you discovered since you have been with Clean Planet?


“I have worked in many different fields of work, and therefore was looking for something less stressful yet stable.”



5. What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Regional Franchisee, and how did you overcome it?


“I am not that computer savvy. Actually, my past work required less to no computer interaction. Hence, I struggled to get back to deskwork. I have received great help from my colleagues and family.”


6. Why do you believe clients should choose Clean Planet?


“Clean Planet uses its very own New Zealand made eco-friendly cleaning products when cleaning sites.”


“Clean Planet is the only cleaning company in New Zealand approved as a sensitive choice partner, which means at Clean Planet, we not only care for your health but also care for the health of our environment. Our franchisees are very reliable, well trained to provide services at high standards.”


We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Master Franchisee’ with Praneel Nair! We would like to thank him for dedicating some of his time to us! Look out for more upcoming articles on our Master Franchisees!


December 11, 2020
Clean Planet
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