Meet Raman Maan – Clean Planet’s Master Franchisee for Waikato
September 9, 2020

This is the second article of our “Meet our Master Franchisee” series.


Today, we will introduce you all to Clean Planet’s Waikato Master Franchisee, Raman Maan.


A Clean Planet Master Franchisee is effectively a Regional Manager, with a wide-ranging job description which includes expanding the existing customer base through Business Development activities, maintaining Service Excellence for current customers, and recruiting, training and managing local Franchisees among many other things. It’s a busy gig!


We asked Raman a few questions with regards to his role as a Master Franchisee; things he is passionate about, challenges he faced as a Master Franchisee and how did he has overcome them.


As you can see, this is going to be a very interesting blog. So, keep scrolling to keep reading!


Raman Maan | Clean Planet

1. What’s your Region and role description as you see it


“I am the Regional Manager for the Waikato region and my role includes the following:

Providing support to the Franchisees so they can grow their business and feel supported at every stage.

Train Franchisees as per the client requirements to keep the cleaning standards high.

Keep open communication with both Franchisees and clients to build trust and confidence in them.

Keep good relationship with existing clients along with dealing with new clients.

I keep myself available whenever needed by the Franchisees to deal with any fixes and clients if there are any changes to be made or extra service required”.


2. Tell us about your previous career and experience.


“I started my career in Information Technology from India and came to New Zealand for my higher studies in Networking. I have completed Network Engineering from Wellington and gained experience in dealing with clients on different positions started with Helpdesk/Service Desk.”


“After 4 years in Wellington, I moved to Auckland and started dealing with business clients to resolve their network issues by utilising my IT skills and it has also helped me to improve my customer service skills.”


“Later I moved to Hamilton and thought about starting my own business and ended up with becoming a Regional Manager of Waikato, where I utilised my IT skills to keep the paperwork up to date and used the customer service skills to make good relationship with clients and Franchisees.”


“I am more passionate about increasing the business in the Waikato region and to help the Franchisee owners to grow their business and generate more jobs for others.”


3. Hobbies – what are you passionate about?


“My hobbies are to explore about latest technologies, reading books about business development and to keep myself fit by doing regular exercise.”

“I am passionate about growing my region to a peak where I can help more franchisee owners to grow and fulfil their dreams. I achieve my goals by keeping track of it and I know that I will do it because I believe in my capability and confidence.”


4. Why did you decide to become a Master Regional Franchisee, and what have you discovered since you have been with Clean Planet?



“I have been in IT for so long and started looking for something more challenging, but I love to interact with people and wanted to do something where I can help others too.”


“So, I started looking for a business in Hamilton and started enquiries with 8 different companies for business opportunities. But once I got in touch with Clean Planet and got to know the difference then I was more interested in joining Clean Planet.”


“The biggest difference I have found is the products manufactured by the company and approval from the National Asthma Council of Australasia, and pending organic approval. I have found that Clean Planet is the only company that is a Sensitive Choice partner.”


“Becoming a Regional Manager has ticked all the boxes of my enquiries and made me think that this is the opportunity where I can grow while keeping myself and others safe using the organic products.”



5. What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Regional Franchisee and how did you overcome it?


“First-year is always difficult, especially when you keep on getting rejections from clients and thought that you not gonna win any contracts and can’t achieve your targets.”


“But as time goes and with the support from my Operations manager, I have achieved my targets and got the clients to remember Clean Planet’s name. It has also happened when customers got introduced with the company’s Sensitive Choice products and they got assured that we can keep themselves and their working environment safe. I have learned a lot in my first year and used that experience to get more clients on board.”


6. Why do you believe clients should choose Clean Planet?


“The biggest reason to choose Clean Planet is the eco-friendly and non-toxic products. As Clean Planet is the only cleaning company to get their products approved by Sensitive Choice which proves that by using these products, we are keeping our self and environment safe. This leads to a healthy future for everyone.”


“Clean Planet franchisees are NZQA certified and completely qualified to do their job in a professional manner, and we deliver the service with high standards while keeping everyone’s health & safety in mind.”


We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Master Franchisee’ with Raman Maan! We would like to thank him for dedicating some of his time to us! Look out for more upcoming articles on our Master Franchisees!

September 9, 2020
Clean Planet
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