Moving in/ Moving out Cleaning Tips

by | March 18, 2019

Moving in, moving out could be an exhausting job. However, Clean Planet professional cleaning team offers several survival tips and tricks to make your job of moving as smoothly as possible.


Clear everything out

  • Start from a small and specific area such as your living room. De-cluttering all the items and ask yourself if you still really use them, especially in the new place. The method of “De-cluttering” of Marie Kondo can be used effectively in here: anything which does not spark the joy anymore should be donated to the charity shop or at the dump. Take it as an opportunity to spring clean your place every time you move.
  • Have a plan and some preparation before you clean out everything. By this way, you have a checklist of the area you want to clean and the main items to fit into the new place such as sofa, table, beds, fridge, kitchen appliance and so on.
  • After moving all the main furniture out of the house, you can certainly have a better view of the things left to clear.

moving out cleaning



Deep clean your kitchen and bathroom

It often takes long time to clean your kitchen and bathroom if you have not done it for a long time.

Start with your kitchen stove, then all the cupboard, kitchen appliance, all the surface and the kitchen hood. If the house installs a dishwasher, you also need to spend more time cleaning these areas.

You might want to use some of strong cleaning products to clean these areas. Baking soda mixed with vinegar can create a good paste for cleaning. Paste this mixture to the sink or water tap, leave them for ten minutes before rinsing them off with water.

Clean Planet clients often find cleaning the kitchen hood a tough job because after long time of cooking, the oil and bad smell are attached to the hood and it is harder to clean.

For the bathroom, bathtub and shower often contain a lot of grease and stain that need to be removed.  The same tip can be applied by pasting baking soda and vinegar and leave them for ten minutes before scrubbing and clean them out. The shower needs a very good clean and use the bathroom products to make sure all the items clean and shiny.

moving out deep cleaning, Clean Planet

Cleaning carpets

Many real estate agents in Auckland would require you to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the place before you move out. It is a good idea because these companies have special carpet cleaning equipment and rug treatment products to clean them thoroughly. However, with a small place, you can totally do it yourself. With a wide range of products at Pak’nSave or other supermarkets, you can use Rug Doctors or in house products of Clean Planet, follow the instructions to vacuum and clean the entire area.

The best trick to apply is to go very slowly and do it again and again at high traffic area, clean them piece by piece until you see the result. Some of the stains such as from red win spilling or animal stain on the carpet, it might need a good spray or wet vacuum to go away.

You might be surprised to use some of products in the laundry or in the kitchen such as laundry detergents, baking soda, vinegar to clean some of the stubborn areas.

Vacuum the last time and let the carpet dry.

The final step will make sure that your property is left clean, fresh and tidy for the next person to move in.

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