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We’re proud to have successfully created a range of healthier, environmentally-kinder cleaning products that work for the work and home environment.

Hand Clean Gel 90ml
An eco-friendly sanitiser with high quality skin conditioners, kills 99% of bacteria and germs, no rinsing, no towels. Contains high quality natural moisturising and conditioning properties.
Helps keep you safe from bacteria and viruses as recommended by the NZ Ministry of Health.
Ingredients: All from natural sources. 62% w/w plant-based ethyl alcohol (hospital grade), skin conditioner, fragrance.
• Sale price: $2 dollars per unit, no quantity limits
• Kills 99% of germs
• New Zealand made
• Recyclable packaging
• Biodegradable
• Not tested on animals

ToySafe Spray 300ml
Powerful cleaner & sanitiser. Kills viruses such as H1N1, radovirus, flu viruses, swine flu, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, hepatitis B & C and common cold.
Use on toys, book covers, car seats, high chairs, play pens, cots, table tops & other surfaces.
Perfect for use in public places such as cafes, libraries and for shared toys.
Ingredients: Sugar ester emulsifier, 72% naturally based ethyl alcohol. All from sustainable and natural sources. GE Free. Any residue is safe.
• Sale price: $5 dollars per unit, no quantity limits
• Kills 99% of viruses, germs and bacteria
• 100% edible
• New Zealand made
• Recyclable packaging
• Not tested on animals

Note: Cash payment only
Venue: Clean Planet, 3 Cain Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061

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