Plant Hire

Long Term Plant Hire from Clean Planet

Plants enhance mood, create functional screening, clean the air and complete your design.

Plant Hiring Services:

  • Free no obligation design, site brief and quote support
  • Installation
  • Regular maintenance
  • Seamless service
  • Simple invoicing
Plant Hire Benefits
  • Enhance the presentation of your environment
    Use plant installation, plant walls, feature plants, palms, bulk planting, desktop plants to enhance your environment. Carry your theme or design style (modern, formal, elegant, minimal, retro, natural) through with plants and containers.
  • Practical solution for screening, way finding and focus points
    Create focus for entrances, lobbies, foyers and pathways with unique and striking plants. Channel groups and customers, help people find their way
  • Improve the health and enjoyment of your workplace
    Use plants to enhance ‘green features’ of your layout, absorb emissions, improving air quality and creating visual variations known to improve workplace effectiveness. Creates natural, moveable features and partitions in open-plan work areas.
  • Complete the impact with our container range
    Completely waterproof and mess-free indoors Enhances the theme and presentation Range of size, colour and design options available Mobile or permanent throughs and planters for outdoor areas
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