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When it comes to carpet cleaning and floors, there’s a lot more than what initially meets the eye. Elements such as grime, dust, dirt and even unidentifiable substances can damage surfaces, penetrate protective coatings and weaken barriers.

Our professionals at Clean Planet are proficient in the intricacies of floor protection – whether be vinyl flooring, tiles, laminated floor or carpet – our sensitive choice approved cleaning pracitise and eco-friendly cleaning products and solutions can make your floors sparkle and ensure a healthier office or home environment.

We go beyond just carpets and floors – we have seamlessly integrated our new add-on window cleaning service into carpet and floor care offerings. Clean Planet’s window cleaning includes thorough inside and outside window washing and cleaning. Our expert team specializes in high window cleaning, tackling those hard-to-reach areas with ease and eliminating the risk that comes with attempting it yourself.

At Clean Planet, our Carpet Floor care and Window cleaning solutions are specifically tailored to meet your unique needs. We apply, protect and restore to achieve superior cleanliness across all types of floor surfaces, whether it’s carpet, tiles, wood, and more. And ensuring your space maintains a pristine appearance inside and out with our window wash service.

As far as flooring and window cleaning solutions are concerned, we’ve got you covered.

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Window cleaning

Carpet Care

Carpets are available in different shapes and sizes, and are made from different fibres and materials. They are susceptible to numerous incidents and accidents, including stains, odours, floods, fire and pests. This is why we tailor our cleaning solutions to your carpet requirements.

As a Sensitive Choice partner, we ensure our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are designed to be asthma and allergy-friendly, ensuring better quality both underfoot and in the air.

From steam cleaning and rug cleaning to stain treatments, upholstery cleaning or odour treatments we’ve got you covered. We also handle flood, fire, and smoke damage restoration. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves for carpet cleaning and apply the right techniques and solutions to keep your carpet protected, deodorised and looking its best.

Carpet Care

Hard Floor Care

Hard floors can be unforgiving, exposing every trace of dirt, grit and everything in between. Maintaining their cleanliness and shine may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we possess both the expertise and cleaning products to tackle even the most stubborn hard floors, prolong their lifespan and keep them gleaming.

When it comes to wooden floors and vinyl composite tiling, our gentle stripping, sealant and waxing service strikes the perfect balance. It removes the grime and grease that accumulate over time, followed by a sealer application to prolong the lifespan and guard against abrasions and scratches. The process is completed with a wax buff for protection and added shine.

Where a deep clean is required without the need for a complete strip, polish and wax, our environmentally friendly cleaning products come into play. They provide excellent results without relying on harsh chemicals.

To learn more about our how to clean carpet, or hard floor cleaning solutions, feel free to reach out here.

Hard Floor Care


Every floor is unique, and accordingly, our approach to floor restoration and cleaning is tailored to each case. If your floor has been damaged by flooding, a leak or accident, prompt and accurate assessment and action are necessary. Our team of flooring specialists ensures each floor is appropriately restored, employing a personalised approach with the utmost care and precaution.

Not all water damaged flooring needs to be completely removed and replaced. If blackwater is detected, it’s often necessary to replace carpets, underlays, and lower parts of the walls. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, carpets may require thorough drying. This is when our state-of-the-art extraction fans come into play, working diligently on affected areas from top to bottom, floor to ceiling. Once dry, we can enhance the carpets further with our additional carpet care services. Learn more here.


Window Wash

At Clean Planet, we’re dedicated to bringing clarity and brilliance to every window, inside and out. Our comprehensive window cleaning service goes beyond mere cleanliness; it’s about transforming spaces with pristine views and enhancing the ambience of homes and businesses alike.

From residential properties to towering commercial buildings, our expert team ensures that every pane is spotless and streak-free, utilizing cutting-edge water-efficient techniques and eco-friendly products for a sustainable shine. With specialized services for high windows in commercial structures, we guarantee a thorough clean from top to bottom, leaving no smudge or speck behind.

At Clean Planet, we don’t just clean windows; we illuminate spaces, allowing natural light to flood in and uplift the atmosphere. Trust Clean Planet for a window cleaning experience that exceeds expectations, bringing clarity and brightness to every environment we serve.

To learn more about our window cleaning solutions, feel free to reach out here.

Window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Clean Planet Window Cleaning service

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Lawns mowed beautifully and mowed area cleaned each time. I appreciate how all the tools they use when mowing my lawn are battery- operated: good for the environment. Prompt and courteous communication when needed. Some minor hiccups with the invoicing which is the reason for 4, and not 5, stars.

Geraldine Victor

I want to thank Wayne and Definitely Inga for the awesome job he and his wife have done on our lawn...I wanted to thank him personally, but he was just up and off after the job was done.
I would recommend them if needing your lawns done.

Rodney Bennett
South East Akl

I am beyond words for the fantastic work that was done yesterday. My lawns have never looked better. Thank you for the fast, efficient and excellent job done on my lawns. Will recommend you at every chance I get.

South Auckland

I would like to recommend Clean Planet to you guys thank you for mowing my lawns you are good people.

Kellie Horowai Tako
South Auckland


Lawns mowed beautifully and mowed area cleaned each time. I appreciate how all the tools they use when mowing my lawn are battery- operated: good for the environment. Prompt and courteous communication when needed.

Geraldine Victor
North Shore

We changed cleaning companies and contracted Clean Planet at the start of 2016. The hand over and dealing with our Account Manager has been, and still is, a breeze.

Communication is key and Clean Planet certainly does not fall short of this. We appreciate the regular audits and the opportunity to “catch up” with our Account Manager. Clean Planet goes above and beyond the standard services we would expect. They are reliable and professional and the cleanliness of our offices is of high standard.

A big positive for BBCL was the fact that Clean Planet uses environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We strongly recommend Clean Planet and are very satisfied with their services.

Michelle Pretorius
Boutique Body Corporates Limited

Why choose Clean Planet?

Superior third-party certification

We were the country’s first dedicated, environmentally kinder commercial and domestic cleaner and have been helping businesses and homes reduce their environmental impact since 2008.

100% New Zealand owned & operated

We’re a passionate bunch of Kiwis, who know what Kiwi businesses and homes want.

100% New Zealand-made products

All our cleaning products are made right here, using Clean Planet’s unique product formulations.

We don't use toxic chemicals!

We avoid products that contain chemical culprits such as bleaches, disinfectants, chloride-based cleaners, EDTAs, dyes and phosphates. But our products perform better to get the job done. We significantly limit the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Sensitive Choice approved

We’re New Zealand’s only commercial and domestic cleaning company approved as a Sensitive Choice partner. Sensitive Choice informs the public about asthma and allergy management and has certified our products and our cleaning systems as helping to improve homes and workspaces for people with asthma, allergies and respiratory illness – and creating better air quality for all.

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