About Clean Planet

We deliver healthier, environmentally kinder workplaces
and homes.

Clean Planet is New Zealand’s leading health & wellbeing focused Property Services, and at the heart of everything we do are healthier homes and businesses.

This is woven into the fabric of our everyday.
It’s the products and equipment we use, the people on our team, and our commitment to caring about the world around us.

We do this by managing the grind so you can focus on the things that really matter to you.
We leave every day better than the day before by picking up life’s services including both domestic & commercial cleaning, eMowing & grounds care, and vehicle grooming.

Who are we?

We’re New Zealand’s leading health and wellbeing focused Life Services Partner. We know that greener service solutions are better for people and the environment. So, in 2008 we forged healthier commercial cleaning and residential cleaning options nationwide, and today we stand as New Zealand’s only Sensitive Choice Accredited Cleaning Company. Since our beginnings, our services have expanded to include Car Valet and Zero Emissions e-Mowing. Our sustainable, non-toxic, ethical focus, and our commitment to do best by businesses, families and the planet, empowers our people and drives us forward.

What we do?

Creating healthier workplaces and homes is what we do – it’s what we’ve always done. As New Zealand’s only Sensitive Choice accredited cleaning company and by providing Zero Emissions e-Mowing services, we provide the best in health-focused and environmentally kinder solutions. We deliver commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, e-Mowing and Car Valet services nationwide, partnering with businesses and families to improve their workplaces and home spaces. As New Zealand’s leading life services partner, our sustainable approach to our services provision, our ethical and high-quality focus, and our eco-friendly products and equipment, ensures a superior service – every time. A team you can depend upon and trust for the long-term.

Our Management Team

Take a look at what our Clean Planet Head Office Management team has to say about Clean Planet’s Cleaning Services, Franchises and their role within the Organisation.

As Chief Executive my role is to support and grow the team, both internally and externally. Clean Planet has been trading since 2008 and I am pleased to be involved with a vibrant and growing company. I have been with Clean Planet since 2013, and I am passionate about growing the Clean Planet brand and having it recognised as a company that genuinely cares for the environment and people’s health – that of our staff, Franchisees and customers. I especially enjoy working with our Franchisees and Master Franchisees, learning about them and their cultures and seeing them grow in their roles, improving their skills and expanding their business. When I am not at work I keep fit by riding my mountain bike, and often relax by playing one of my guitars [bass or electric 6 string], while over the summer weekends I will frequently be out on the water helping run the club sailing for a North Shore sailing club.

Tony Pattison
Chief Executive

The three things I enjoy most about working at Clean Planet are People, Philosophy and Variety. I like to work and help our franchisees grow into better business owners; build long term relationship with our clients and have new exciting challenges in the job (no one day is ever the same). I have been in the Commercial and Industrial Cleaning industry for over five years now. Starting from the ground level up, I've been able to gain valuable experience in what it takes to deliver the highest quality for our clients. Joining Clean Planet in 2016 my role in Operations entails assisting the growth of our Master Franchisees and local franchisees throughout the country. I am passionate about growing Clean Planet through the success of our franchisees, and helping and supporting the core operations of our company to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry. When not at work, I like to be outdoors, from long walks with my dog, swimming or gym. Anything to keep active. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Abhi Lal
National Commercial & Domestic Manager

I most like working for Clean Planet because I work with an amazing passionate team. We all truly believe in our work and what Clean Planet stands for. The company offers a great brand with a cost-effective approach to sustainability. This is what I believe is a win, win, win, for clients, franchisees and our amazing brand. My past experience in the service industry gives me the skills to be able to manage and grow our teams into prosperous successful franchisees which enhance their lives and lifestyles. My management of the national Grounds Care division and Car Valet division really is something I love doing. After 22 years of history in my last service business, primarily concentrating on Commercial and Domestic cleaning, it was time for a change, I felt like I had given what I had to this industry, and it was time to move on, to move forward and transition these skills over to my next business. One of which was in the fitness industry and the other in the gifting industry (e-commerce). I feel fortunate to also have the opportunity to give a lot of my energy to growing and developing my awesome Car Valet and Grounds Care division here at Clean Planet. Business development and Key Account Management are my true passions and I get to do this for my job. Yet again a win, win! The things I love to do in my spare time are, watch sports, see my friends, drink amazing wines, gym, swim, cycle, golf and most importantly, spend time with my amazing wife and 18 year- old son (who prefers hanging out with his mates, then his parents).

Phillip Wards
National Grounds Care and Car Valet Manager

As a Field Support Manager, my role is to assist in the various divisions in our business, building partnership models and supporting our teams to provide and maintain a strong business relationship with clients. I have vast experience in the chemical industry that relates to providing service of excellence in various organisations. While I'm not working, I spend time with my kids and love fishing.

Edward Work
Field Support Manager (Commercial)

As a Field Support Manager, my role is to assist in the Domestics divisions in our business, Assisting and supporting our teams to provide and maintain a strong business relationship with clients. I have 12 years of experience in the cleaning industry that relates to providing service of excellence in various organisations. While I'm not working, I love travelling and most of my time with my family and friends.

Sameer Vohra
Field Support Manager (Domestic)

Things I enjoy the most about working at Clean Planet are people and our passion in improving our environment. I started at Clean Planet from 2012. Prior to that I have worked in customer service over 40 years for different companies in New Zealand. I love customer service and the opportunity of talking about services. When not at work, I enjoy spending time as a grandmother and interior design.

Carol Harford
Customer Service Manager

As a Marketing Executive of the Clean Planet family, I am entitled to handle the marketing aspects of our company. I’ll be creating content, manage social media channels and do Ad campaigns, to showcase Clean Planet in the best ways possible to our customers. I will also be part of implementing Digital Strategies for business growth as well as for boosting the Brand Image. I am impressed by the fact that Clean Planet is showing more concern regarding the “Health and Wellbeing” of our fellow Staff, Franchisees and Customer base. When outside of work, my leisure time companies are movies, music, books and I also enjoy quality time out with my family and friends.

Sandra Thankaraj
Marketing Executive
Ashley Padayachee - Clean Planet Accountant

As the Accountant of Clean Planet, I'm responsible for all aspects of the company's accounting and financial matters. I have over 35 years of experience in the finance industry, and I've worked in a variety of industries as a highly skilled and experienced financial controller with a proven track record of success. I admire the company's mission to positively impact the environment, and I'm excited to be a part of the team that is helping to make that happen. Outside work, I'm a big fan of outdoor activities such as soccer and running. I'm also a big-time family guy, a huge soccer fan and a proud owner of vintage cars.

Ashley Padayachee
Jennelyn Malong - Clean Planet Accounts Receivable Assistant

A committed and dedicated bringing forth valuable knowledge with years of experience in accounting. As an Accounts Receivable Assistant, well-versed in accurately coding for clear recordkeeping and tracking, investigating account discrepancies and assisting our franchisees with their queries regarding accounts and payments. Working at Clean Planet is an exciting and great opportunity for me to thrive & evolve in a positive working environment and where I will be empowered to be the best version of myself possible, with the support and working with talented and ambitious people who I can learn from. This company has a strong workplace culture that values its employees and franchisees, where I feel immensely proud to work. Outside of work, I enjoy being physically active and spend a lot of time playing sports such as badminton, table tennis and netball.

Jennelyn Malong
Accounts Receivable Assistant