Why Clean Planet?
People place the health and wellbeing of their family or staff as a very high priority. When we talk to them about health, they sit up and take notice. Many people don’t realise the impact that overuse of toxic cleaning chemicals can be having on their family and staff health.

We believe in creating healthier homes and workplaces. Healthy homes are happier and less stressful, and healthy workplaces are more productive. We want to help our clients improve the health of their home or work environment, reduce family and staff sick days and improve their wellbeing and business bottom line.

New Zealand has the second highest prevalence of Asthma in the developed world, and it’s gratifying that our innovative products and cleaning techniques have been recognised by experts in this field as helping make a difference for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Superior third-party certification
    We were the country's first dedicated, environmentally kinder commercial and domestic cleaner and have been helping businesses and homes reduce their environmental impact since 2008.
  • We don't use toxic chemicals!
    We avoid products that contain chemical culprits such as bleaches, disinfectants, chloride-based cleaners, EDTAs, dyes and phosphates. But our products perform better to get the job done. We significantly limit the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • 100% New Zealand owned & operated
    We're a passionate bunch of Kiwis, who know what Kiwi businesses and homes want.
  • Sensitive Choice approved
    We're New Zealand’s only commercial and domestic cleaning company approved as a Sensitive Choice partner. Sensitive Choice informs the public about asthma and allergy management and has certified our products and our cleaning systems as helping to improve homes and workspaces for people with asthma, allergies and respiratory illness – and creating better air quality for all.
  • 100% New Zealand-made products
    All our cleaning products are made right here, using Clean Planet's unique product formulations.
Happy Clients
“Clean Planet has held the cleaning contract with Sealed Air since September 2008. Upon taking these responsibilities from the previous cleaners, the improvement in standard was immediately noticeable. Over this time, we have been pleased with the level of service provided. Cleaning staff are always approachable, with a professional manner.

Clean Planet is a professional, efficient, reliable and trustworthy cleaning company that I have no hesitation in recommending to any business.”

Sealed Air

"We’ve been using Clean Planet at both our club locations for many years now and are very happy with the professionalism of the Clean Planet team. Having Clean Planet as part of our organisation has really made things simpler for us to run our business effectively and with the attention to details that we strive for. The entire Clean Planet team from the cleaners to the operations managers are always very receptive to our needs, and always ensuring that those needs are met.
We pride ourselves having high standards which sets us apart from others, and Clean Planet also share these high standards with us. More importantly if there is something that needs extra attention or care, Clean Planet always responds rapidly to those needs. In addition to this they are a very friendly organisation which makes communication between cleaners and operations managers very easy. They will even go the extra mile to ensure we are always happy with their service, even working on their days off or personal holidays to attend to matters which is quite impressive.

I gladly recommend Clean Planet to anyone who desires care, professionalism, and attention to detail."

Anytime Fitness

“CCS Disability Action Auckland has been using Clean Planet and their franchisee cleaners for the last four years. The Quality Control Manager is very approachable, transparent, and eager to please and any concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

When we needed to have a change of cleaner during this time, Clean Planet found us an excellent replacement who we have been very happy with. This highlighted the advantage of dealing with the Company directly and not just the Franchise Holder. This transition happened very quickly and with the minimum of fuss to our organisation and ensured that we had continuity of cleaning at a very high standard.

Not only is the day-to-day cleaning done extremely well and to our unique specifications, but the annual carpet/lino/window cleaning is also of a very high standard. We recommend their services highly.”

CCS Disability

"From the initial consultation through to the commencement of service, Clean Planet was proactive, professional and took care of everything. Their regular cleaning audits and willingness to find solutions to any of our cleaning requirements is much appreciated.

We are happy with our service from Clean Planet and would recommend them to other businesses."

New Zealand Racing Board (TAB)

"Clean Planet appealed to us when we were on the market for new cleaners because of the environmentally friendly products they use, and the fact they are the ‘Sensitive Choice’ partner for the Asthma foundation. The communications books also help us to ensure that there is cohesion between what we want cleaned well and what Khan and Sofia deliver – which is always done to an excellent level.

We have never been happier with the cleanliness of our office since we started using Clean Planet."

McCullough Ltd

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