9 Best Cleaning Products for your Home

by | January 24, 2023

Most of us want to keep our homes as clean as possible, but the ingredients in many popular cleaning products are questionable, to say the least. Environmental concerns have pushed plenty of families to seek safer cleaning materials that still do an effective job.

If you’re one of many who seek more natural options in cleaning supplies, take a look at nine of the best eco-friendly cleaning products for your home.

#1- Surface Cleaner

This eco-safe surface cleaner is strong enough to cut through tough grease and dirt without the need for harmful chemicals. It’s applicable in kitchens, showers, bathrooms, ovens, whiteware, tile, and practically any surface in your home that comes to mind. On top of being an effective cleaner, its citrus scent also removes odours.

#2- Dish Cleaner

This certified organic dish cleaner is just as effective as other liquid soap brands, but it’s environmentally friendly, and the ingredients are gentle enough for sensitive skin. As such, you won’t have to worry about the dry, cracked results you might ordinarily expect after washing dishes.

#3- Floor Cleaner

CleanPlanet’s floor cleaning solution is environmentally friendly and free of phosphates. It’s appropriate for cleaning concrete, tile, wood, and vinyl flooring, so no matter which section of hard floor you need to clean, this product will do it.

#4- Natural Air Freshener

Combining water, baking soda, and a couple drops of your favourite essential oil scents can make a very effective, yet environmentally-friendly air freshening spray. Baking soda is a natural odour-eliminating agent, and combining it with a pleasant scent clears the air.

#5- DIY Stone Cleaner

For grout, tile, and stone, combining baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap can clean stone surfaces without exposing your home to corrosive materials.

#6- DIY Stain Remover

If you use bleach in your home, dilute equal parts bleach and powdered dish soap in plain water at about 1:16 concentration. Dab a bit of it on stained white fabric for an effective stain remover. Bleach is a skin irritant, though, so be careful not to get it on your hands.

#7- DIY Furniture Polish

Using a 3:1 concentration of olive oil, distilled white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oil for smell will make an all-natural furniture polish. Use it to shine all of your wood furniture.

#8- Bleach Alternative

If you’re not fond of using bleach, a safer alternative can be made at home using water, vinegar, lemon juice, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and citric acid.

#9- Scrubless Oven Cleaner

Baking soda, washing soda, sea salt, distilled water, and a few drops of lemon or melaleuca essential oil can create a paste that cuts through the tough buildup in your oven.

A decent cleaning agent doesn’t have to be harsh or filled with dangerous chemical compounds. A natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning product will keep your home clean without risking your family’s health.

For more on natural cleaning, visit CleanPlanet to explore our product line and look into professional cleaning services that make use of natural cleaning materials.