The 10 Best Cleaning Products for Your Home in 2023 With Clean Planet

by | November 24, 2022

The 10 Best Cleaning Products for Your Home in 2022 With Clean Planet

When it comes to cleaning, having the right products on your side can go a long way! You would probably never try to use a window cleaner to get burnt-on food off a dish, right? That’s because you know that the right product is powerful and can make sure you get the most results out of your time spent cleaning.

With that in mind, here are 10 of the best cleaning products for your home that can help you save time – and the planet.

Toilet Cleaner

Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary scrubbing their toilet, so most toilet cleaners are made to clean as quickly and thoroughly as possible. However, have you ever wondered what happens to that toilet cleaner after it’s been flushed away? Many toilet cleaners go on to damage waterways and aquatic life.To protect the planet without sacrificing effectiveness, check out Clean Planet’s Sensitive Choice-approved Toilet Clean solution.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Once the toilet is set to soak, the next step in many bathroom cleaning routines is to wipe down the mirror. The biggest struggle for this step? Streaks. They always seem to pop up, no matter what cleaner or fabric you use. That’s why Clean Planet’s Surface cleaner has a streak-free agent to make sure you can get that sparkling finish every time.

Dishwashing Liquid

It’s important to have a dishwasher that will work on even the dirtiest dishes without harming sensitive hands. This is especially important for people with little helpers just learning to do the dishes, as their skin can be especially sensitive. Our Dish Clean is Sensitive Choice-approved and BioGro-certified, making it a great option!

Scrubbing Sponge

If you’ve ever used a sponge for cleaning, from dishes to baseboards, you’ve probably experienced some frustrations with them. From falling apart too quickly to harbouring nasty smells and bacteria, cleaning sponges need an upgrade. That’s exactly what Scrub Daddy is for! These sponges can be made soft with warm water or firm with cold water and can be used for cleaning all over the house. After use, you can simply pop them in the top rack of your dishwasher, and they’ll come out good as new! This means they can be used far longer than most sponges.

Floor Clean

Whether your floors are made of concrete, varnished wood, ceramic tiles, or vinyl, you probably find yourself cleaning up all kinds of messes from it – especially if you’ve got young children running around. That’s why it’s important to have an environmentally-friendly floor cleaner that you can depend on to clean effectively without damaging your floors, like Clean Planet’s Floor Clean.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

One of the most convenient cleaning products out there is a good multipurpose spray, like our All Clean product. This spray can be used for everything from bathroom surfaces to microwaves, meaning you can take them and a rag from room to room and accomplish several cleaning tasks without having to stop and change out your equipment.

Heavy-Duty Scouring Cleaner

Sometimes, a simple multi-purpose spray might just not cut it. When that happens, it’s time to make room for a cream cleanser designed for tough marks and stains, like the Clean Planet Crème Cleanser.

Cleaning Rag

While paper towels are a classic cleaning supply, they aren’t very eco-friendly or necessarily the most effective. For a great eco-friendly swap, try using a bamboo microfibre cloth! These clothes are extremely absorbent and versatile, helping with tasks from dusting to cleaning kitchen surfaces. They are also washable and can be used many times before showing signs of wear and tear.

Air Freshener

Most air fresheners and odour neutralizers are far from environmentally friendly, whether it’s due to ingredients, packaging, or both. That’s why it was so important to us to develop a powerful, effective, and environmentally friendly odour neutralizer, which we call Clean Air.

Surface Spray

If your multipurpose spray could use a little pzazz, a scented spray might be a good option for you! Our citrus-based, environmentally friendly Surface Clean formula cuts through grease and dirt with ease.

Ready to save time cleaning your home and protect the planet? Shop our full line of products here!