10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Cleaning with Paper Towels

by | December 1, 2022

Why use paper towel alternatives while cleaning?

Paper towels certainly offer convenience. However, in most scenarios, simple convenience does not equal the best choice. In this article, we will talk about some common situations where people use a paper towel but shouldn’t!

1. Your Hands

Using a paper towel to wipe off your hands while cooking seems like an easy choice. However, washing your hands with soap is usually the best option for cleanliness and sanitation. And once your hands are clean, it’s best to dry them on a rag or apron. This will protect your skin and lower your paper towel expenses all at once.

2. The Carpet

Absorption is key when cleaning carpets. You don’t want to rub the spill deeper into the fiber. Moreover, particles can break off your paper towel and make a bigger mess than the one you began with. That’s why a sponge is the best choice in this situation. If the spill is very large or leaves a stain or odour, you may also wish to hire a professional cleaning service to make your rug as good as new.

3. Your Dishes

Once again, the risk of particles breaking off renders paper towels a bad option. If your dishes are dirty or dusty, it’s always best to wash and then air dry them. If you’ve decided your dishes just need to be wiped down, a cloth will work better

4. The Sink

Soap scum is too tough for paper towels alone. Soap and a rag will work more effectively. Protip: for extra strength, add vinegar to your soap!

5. Your Television

Paper towels can scratch screens, so you’ll want to avoid using them to wipe down your television. This also applies to phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Once again, the cloth will prove the better strategy in these situations.

6. The Mirror

Mirrors, windows, and glass also risk scratches when wiped with the abrasive material in paper towels, so you’ll want to opt for a softer fabric when cleaning these surfaces.

7. Your Cutting Board

In the last few examples, we’ve talked about how paper towels can damage your belongings. When it comes to cleaning a cutting board, paper towels can also damage your health, as they don’t do a good enough job absorbing and cleaning all the mess. Always wash your cutting board between chopping various ingredients, especially when handling raw meat.

8. The Car

Paper towels can take the vibrance out of your paint – or even cause tiny scratches. Cloth is the safest choice for preserving the looks and value of your vehicle when cleaning up messes on the interior or exterior.

9. Your Glasses

Dirty glasses are a pain, and you may find yourself in situations where paper towels seem like your best option. Once again, however, this is not worth the risk that paper towels can cause small scratches that decrease the effectiveness of your lenses.

10. Most Things in Your Life!

In this article, we’ve discussed a few common downsides to paper towels. It’s overly abrasive, it can shed small particles, and it can’t scrub as well as a sponge or rag. All these immediate practical concerns are valid, but it’s also worth considering the overall environmental impact of constantly using paper towels. (Not to mention the economic impact of constantly buying them!) Save your money, save the planet, and opt instead to stock up on rags and clothes that you can use for cleaning your home!