Clean Planet’s Heartfelt Commitment to Community: A Celebration with Pātaka Kai

by | March 6, 2024

At Clean Planet we believe in the power of community – our commitment to community makes a positive impact that goes beyond just providing property and facilities services across New Zealand. We understand that building a strong community involves actively participating in and supporting initiatives that foster growth, connection, and well-being for everyone. One such initiative close to our hearts is our partnership with Community Builders NZ Trust and our involvement in the Pātaka Kai Food Drive.

Pātaka Kai: Nourishing Hearts, Connecting Communities
In collaboration with Community Builders NZ Trust, Clean Planet recently took part in the Pātaka Kai Food Drive, a meaningful endeavour that aims to provide sustenance to households and build community connections in low socio-economic areas across Auckland and the North Island. The philosophy of “donate what you can and take what you need” has created a beautiful network of giving, bringing together residents, businesses, and organizations alike.

Clean Planet Team Unite for a Worthy Cause
Our dedicated employees embraced the spirit of giving by collecting pantry items to contribute to the Pātaka Kai Food Drive. The enthusiasm and generosity displayed by our team truly exemplify Clean Planet’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Spreading Christmas Cheer
Clean Planet's Heartfelt Commitment to Community: A Christmas Celebration with Pātaka Kai.

Otara Christmas event is a festive occasion aimed to brighten the holiday season for those facing challenges in our community. The collected pantry items were distributed during the event, ensuring that families in low socio-economic areas had access to essential supplies during the festive season. In addition to contributing pantry items, Clean Planet went a step further by offering a special giveaway for the CBNZ’s Otara Christmas program. Our Dish Clean product, known for its effectiveness and eco-friendly qualities, was given away as a prize. It was our way of adding a touch of joy to the event and expressing our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of community members.

Celebrating Success in Otara
The Otara Christmas program was a resounding success. The event featured numerous programs, stalls, and fun activities that brought joy and smiles to the residents of Otara. Clean Planet is proud to have played a part in creating such a memorable and impactful Christmas celebration for the community.

Looking Forward: Clean Planet’s Ongoing Commitment
As we reflect on the success of our community engagement initiatives, Clean Planet remains steadfast in our commitment to making a positive impact. We believe that by actively participating in initiatives like the Pātaka Kai Food Drive, we can contribute to building a stronger, more connected, and resilient community. Our journey of giving back is an ongoing one, and we look forward to continuing our support for initiatives that uplift and empower those in need. At Clean Planet, our commitment goes beyond property and facilities services – it’s about creating a cleaner, more compassionate planet for all.