How does Clean Planet ensure a healthy workplace for the employees?

by | October 4, 2021

A lot of surveys and studies are pointing out the fact that having access to natural light, outdoor view and having indoor plants are the healthiest attribute of a workplace. As a sustainable, health-focused, and environmentally kinder cleaning company, how does Clean Planet ensure a healthy workplace for the employees?

Let’s have a sneak-peek into Clean Planet’s Head office in Auckland and find this out.

Natural Lighting, View to Outdoor – Increased Productivity!

Clean Planet Head Office

Just as pure as the image above states, at Clean Planet, we provide many things that improve the experience of an employee in a workplace desires. We have greater access to natural sunlight, as the huge glass walls replace the regular windows. 78% of employees say access to natural light and outside views improves their wellbeing and 70% report improved work performance. Studies and surveys such as The Employee Experience survey revealed that employees crave access to natural light and views of the outdoors. With a pleasant view of the outside, we start our day happily at Clean Planet. When your eyes need a little rest from the system before you, this view of nature is a boon. The Clean Planet’s office view of the highway touching the sky in blue is always an energy booster. The Harvard Business Review has now revealed that Natural light and views of the outdoors have now outranked the onsite cafeteria, fitness centers, and premium perk of having on-site childcare. Seems no doubt in it!

Indoor Plants to Enhance Mood & to Boost Creativity!

Clean Planet Office - Plant Hire

Our spacious office premise is well set out with quite a few of these little fellows too – they are always in our eyesight to cheer us up when the mood goes down! At Clean Planet we have many indoor plants that help reduce work stress and enhances our mood and creativity. Not only do these plants make our workplace attractive but also increases productivity and creativity. Scientific studies are seconding these opinions as well!! 🙂

We work happier and better with the presence of these plants. Our interior of the workplace is well organized that there is abundant space between all our desks and workspaces. It has also been ensured that everyone could see a plant from their desk. Reports and studies argue that the presence of plants can result in a positive change in the psychosocial working environment and builds a large lift to employees’ spirits, and is also promoting their wellbeing and performance.

Now Think About your Organization!

Studies show an employee spends on average 5 hours and 42 minutes at their desks each day. Having access to natural light, a good view and few green plants around them gives a good impact on your employees’ work performance, wellbeing, and engagement.

At Clean Planet, we work with all sorts of businesses, offering a host of general and specialized commercial cleaninghome cleaninglawn mowingCar Valet, and other services including plant hiring services. We can cover all bases in any workplace.

If you want your employees to be in a happier and healthy workplace environment, where the productivity of your employees is not compromised, Clean Planet is ready to help you. We can help to keep your premises clean and healthier by hiring planets, having the windows, computers & phone’s cleaned, and more.

Whether it be in a corporate office – large or small, shopping mall, or school, you can use our services anytime. To know more or to book any of our services, call us on Call 0800 274 355 or email us at