Why car sanitising is important for healthy living during pandemics

by | November 24, 2021

How is car sanitising important for healthy living? With COVID-19, sanitising ourselves and the areas around us has now become a norm. But have you overlooked that one particular area where you spend a significant part of your day? With the restrictions on lockdown easing, most of us are now living our daily life in the new normal mode. This includes a lot of traveling from place to place in the most convenient transportation form – our own car. So, are you sure your car is a safe place, with COVID 19all around us? Our own vehicle can have some of the germiest surfaces we will be touching. An easy and effective remedy is to sanitise your car – sanitising is now very important for healthy living during pandemics.

driving car to workHow is Car Sanitising done?
Our experts at Clean Planet perform Car Sanitising with the latest equipment and hospital-grade products such as Virasol PH for Sanitising. Prior to sanitizing, we clean your car and disinfect the inside surfaces, car seats, and the air conditioner. We will deep clean your car by sanitising the inside as well as the outside of your car.

The specialty of car sanitising with Clean Planet?
At Clean Planet we have experts to give you the best solution. Disinfecting your car does kill the virus but won’t take your precious time, our Car Sanitizing service will be done in less than an hour in addition to your valet. All you need to do is drop in with your car – or we can come to you – to get germs eliminated from your car.

car sanitising - clean planet

How is this different from ordinary cleaning?

An ordinary clean that a car can get is an outside wash, inside the vacuum and clean, etc. With Clean Planet’s efficient and effective ways, we disinfect and sanitise the entire vehicle, which is an essential way to keep your car cleaner and healthier rather than an ordinary or regular car groom or valet.

What does car sanitising do to your car?

At Clean Planet, our professionals don’t just sanitise hard surfaces such as the steering wheel console and door trims, but also the interior including the AC system. The Ultra Mist particles, expelled in nano size, penetrate into every surface within the car including the AC system and kill the germs and viruses harboured in every small space and corner. We use is a hospital-grade sanitiser, yet it is safe for all the family members.

How car sanitising benefits your car, family & your life?

As New Zealand’s leading life service partners, Clean Planet provides you with the most effective and hospital-grade car sanitising solution. This way you can lead a safer and healthier life despite the pandemic. With travelling due to the lockdown restrictions easing, there is a high chance your vehicles/car may be affected by the virus. If you have travelled with a COVID-infected person, there is a strong chance to have touchpoints inside and outside your car. But worry not, we can help you stay healthy with car sanitising. It is better to be cautious and keep family, your young kids, and the elderly safe.

Family in car

Our Latest Equipment at Clean Planet.

Our sanitising equipment is built for high-speed aerosol distribution, fast diffusion, and strong penetration. The fog/mist formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets of 0-50μm in size is ideal for fighting pathogens and vector carriers. The extended coiled hose allows for perfect misting to keep the dust down and humidity up during use.

Our customers love our services.

Clean Planet has many satisfied customers who have utilised our Sanitising service. We guarantee a healthier, cleaner, safer car-free from viruses after a sanitising misting service from our experts at Clean Planet. Try our latest line of Car Sanitising services we have introduced as your life service partners.

How to book an appointment for car sanitising?

Booking an appointment for our services is easy. Visit our website or follow this link to make an appointment for a car groom or valet and include an essential sanitising service. www.cleanplanet.co.nz/contact/

 You can also book an inquiry and get a personalised quote.

Call us at 0800 274 355 or email us at info@cleanpalnet.co.nz

Don’t leave a deep clean and car sanitising pending for the next service. COVID or no COVID, get rid of the germs from your car at the earliest opportunity. Get your car road-ready within hours with Clean Planet’s car sanitising services.