Our Products
All of our products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to meet our high standards.

We're proud to have successfully created a range of healthier, environmentally-kinder cleaning products that work for commercial cleaners and are just as effective as conventional cleaners.
    • General multipurpose cleaner that works effectively without leaving nasty chemical residues.
    • No phosphates, EDTA's or dyes.
    • Suitable for use on bench tops, stoves, tables, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, microwaves, painted surfaces, vinyl and enamelware.
    • Designed to safely clean your toilet and bathroom without damaging waterways and aquatic life.
    • High performance eco-friendly cleaner that is also suitable for regular cleaning of all enamel bathroom surfaces.
    • No preservatives.
    • Septic tank friendly.
    • Hard working floor cleaning liquid made from natural ingredients for use on hard surface flooring.
    • Leaves no harmful residues on your floors.
    • Biodegradable.
    • Not toxic to aquatic life.
    • Non-abrasive heavy duty cleaner to remove stubborn marks and stains.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates, EDTA’s or dyes.
    • Suitable for emamel baths, basin, shower, taps whiteware, benches and tile surfaces.
    • Ready to use cleaner with a streak free agent.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates, EDTA’s or dyes.
    • Effectively cleans glass, mirrors, countertops, sinks, basins, stainless steel, tiles, porcelain, plastic and vinyl.
    • Concentrate formula
    • Powerful citrus based cleaner to cut through grease and dirt.
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates, EDTA’s
    • Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wall and floor surfaces, tiles, oven cleaning, whiteware, chrome and stainless steel surfaces.
    • Kind to sensitive hands leaves no harmful residues on your dishes.
    • Non toxic to aquatic life.
    • Specially formulated to avoid commonly used chemicals that can contaminate food or be harmful to the skin
    • Biodegradable, no phosphates, EDTA’s or dyes.
    • This product cleans the air!
    • Designed for use in toilets, bathrooms and washrooms.
    • Deodouriser with a smell neutraliser.
    • Neutralises a wide range of odours and acts as a general disinfectant.
    • Hand Wash effectively cleans without putting nasty chemicals down the drain.
    • Contains a high quality skin conditioner that makes is safe for most sensitive of skin, leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.
    • Biodegradable,no phosphates, EDTA’s or dyes.
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