6 Benefits of Getting an External Commercial Cleaner for Your Business.

by | April 28, 2021

Are you trying to figure out of commercial cleaning services are worth the cost? Why bother hiring professional cleaners if you have a mop and some all-purpose cleaner in your closet?


There are plenty of benefits to investing in external commercial cleaning services. Between saving time, saving money, and investing in quality, why wouldn’t you?


Keep reading to learn why a professional cleaning service is right for your business.


1. We Know Best


When it comes to cleaning, who knows it better than people who do it as a career?


You’re a dedicated business owner, not a cleaner. There’s no reason for you to learn the ropes of keeping a pristine workplace if you don’t have to. It’s a waste of your valuable time.


Because this is our job, our professional office cleaners already know the best practices for cleaning and disinfecting your space.



commercial cleaning services



2. A Healthy Team Is a Happy-Team


When you keep your workplace hygienic, your team is less likely to get sick or feel uncomfortable as a result of a messy space. A good commercial deep cleaning session from professional cleaners keeps your team happy and healthy.


Happy team members are more productive and less likely to leave your workplace for greener pastures.



3. Don’t Misuse Your Staff


Speaking of staff happiness and productivity, if you’re using your team to clean your office, are you using them to their full potential?


Unless you hired your staff to clean, you’re wasting their talents by asking them to be cleaners alongside their “real” jobs. This can demotivate them and further reduce their productivity because they’re not spending time on their projects.


You hired your team members for their talents, not for their cleaning abilities. Hire commercial cleaning services instead.



4. You Save Money


You might think that hiring professional cleaning services is a waste of money, but this isn’t true.


Consider the following: if you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring an on-staff cleaner instead, how much is that going to cost you per year? You have to pay them a salary or hourly wage. You will also need to pay for annual leave and sick leave.


If you choose to clean on your own, how much will it cost to buy or rent all of the necessary supplies and equipment? It adds up. Commercial deep cleaning services are affordable by comparison.



5. We Use the Best Products


On the topic of products, commercial cleaners have the best cleaning products on the market. In Clean Planet’s case, they’re safe, healthy, organic certified and good for the environment. You can’t say the same for most affordable cleaning products available at big-box stores or popular online retailers.

Keep your health (and the health of the environment) in check.



6. You Save Time


Commercial office cleaning services are efficient. While it might take you a long time to clean an office on your own, because our cleaners are trained in efficient cleaning practices, they’ll be done in no time.


Again, why waste your time or the time of your staff? It’s time to use Commercial Cleaning Services.


Are you convinced? When you add up all of the benefits, it’s obvious as to why commercial cleaning services are so popular for small and large businesses alike. You don’t have to waste your time, money, and energy trying to clean on your own.


If you’re ready to bring professional cleaning services into your office, we’ve got you covered. At Clean Planet, our cleaners use top-quality products to give you a top-quality experience. Contact us on 0800 274 355 to get a quote so we can make your office sparkle.