“An incredibly clean home and non-toxic chemicals in the house” – Claire Chitham

by | August 17, 2018

So when I was looking for a cleaning company, I found Clean Planet who not only made all of their own products, but they are also non toxic chemicals. They don’t use any aerosol, they are the only company in New Zealand to have Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly which is awarded by Asthma Foundation, meaning that all of their products and the method that they use in cleaning houses or businesses are non-irritating, and therefore healthier for us and healthier for the environment.

Home Cleaning in Auckland


Hi I am Claire Chitham and I am an actress in New Zealand. I am very passionate about well-being industry and of course my own health which is deeply important to me.


I was looking for a company who uses non-toxic products because I care about what goes into our waterways, the impact on the environment in New Zealand. Selfishly mostly about my health. I think it is incredibly important because you’re touching, you’re breathing so we need to be as toxic-free as possible. You know does the least harm.

The first time I cam home after Clean Planet had been through my house, it was a wonderful experience. It was exciting to come to an incredibly clean home; they did a beautiful job but also the joy of knowing that they had used non-toxic chemicals in my house. The air still smells beautifully clean but no aerosols had been sprayed in my home. It’s AMAZING!


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