Deep Cleaning and Sanitising your Shop or Workplace during COVID – 19

by | September 29, 2021

During this ongoing COVID-19 crisis it is important to ensure that your premises are clean, hygienic, and safe for your customers and staff. So, if your store or workplace becomes a place of interest then it is absolutely necessary for your store or workplace to undergo Deep Cleaning and Sanitising. This way you can make sure that your customers and staff are returning to a hygienic place.

How does Deep Cleaning Help? Deep Cleaning for Stores, home and workplace in Covid- 19 by Clean planet
Deep Cleaning helps with a reduced risk of community transmission. As per the Ministry of Health, Covid-19 survives on different surfaces for different lengths of time. Covid-19 is spread by droplets in the air, and these droplets can land on different surfaces. So, if the people visiting the store or the staff touch the surface that infectious droplets have fallen, then the virus can be transmitted to them as well.

A precaution against this is deep cleaning and sanitising. At Clean Planet, we use hospital-grade detergent/disinfectant products. We have our own products, containing both the cleaning as well as the disinfectant agents, ensuring efficiency and efficacy.

We focus on high touch point areas. The door handles, shelves, cabinets, walls, and washrooms. At Clean Planet we have expert cleaners who conduct our process in a specific order to ensure best practice results so as to reduce cross-contamination.

What is Sanitising Misting?

Sanitising Misting is a process where you can quickly disinfect a whole area to kill viruses, germs, bacteria, and pathogens. Sanitise Misting is done by spraying disinfectants to the affected areas, the technique works by emitting millions of tiny droplets of chemicals that will kill hazardous pathogens and bacteria and eliminate viruses. And the process uses a handheld machine to vaporize the disinfectant liquid and project it in the form of a mist.

Applying a mist of vaporized hydrogen peroxide via a ‘fogging’ machine to disinfect an area has been routinely used in the food industry for many years, but today we can use it for your home or office to disinfect the spaces against COVID-19.

Take look at Clean Planet’s YouTube Channel to learn how Sanitising Misting is done:

Clean Planet’s steps to Deep Cleaning and Sanitising Misting

At Clean Planet, we have tailor-made services to deep clean and sanitize your shop, workplace, or home. In addition to that, we provide our deep cleaning services according to the lockdown level you are currently in. How our expert cleaners at Clean Planet achieve this is by offering you three levels of Deep Cleaning and Sanitising. At present, the Sanitising Misting services are only available in the Auckland region, but we will be able to provide our Sanitising Fogging Services to other regions soon.

Clean Planet is here to help you in this uncertain time with our Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Deep Cleaning services option.

Tier 1 Deep Clean

1. General Cleaning

2. Sanitising all touchpoints including door handles, switches, taps, doors.

3. Appropriate PPE – disposable gloves and masks.

Tier 2 Deep Clean

1. Cleaning and sanitizing everything up to two meters high including walls.

2. Includes entrance, foyer, reception, office areas, meeting rooms, stairs, corridors, kitchen, and lunchrooms are also covered.

3. Disinfecting toilet and washroom areas included

4. Extra precaution is taken if the area has been visited or frequented by people.

5. Appropriate PPE – disposable gloves, masks, overalls, overshoe, eye protection, or visor.

Tier 3 Deep Clean

1. High-level deep cleaning and can include the below options to suit your requirements.

2. Disinfecting using a high-level procedure that involves fogging with a suitable approved product.

3. Steam carpet cleaning, Strip, and Polish for hard floors.

4. I.T. sanitising including all phones, computers, printers, and other peripheral devices.

5. Appropriate PPE – disposable gloves, masks, overalls, overshoe, eye protection, or visor.

If you are interested in Deep Cleaning and Sanitising your shop, home, or workplace we are ready to help. With Clean Planet, you can sit back and relax while we take care of disinfecting your affected area. To learn more or to get a quote, get in touch with us.

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