The Seven Germiest Places In An Office

by | March 7, 2019

Many types of germs could be found in the office environment and thus can affect workers’ productivity, an article on the SELF website discusses in details.

The seven places that germs are mostly found are:

1. Keyboards. The most recent study conducted by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicated that up to 96% of the 25 keyboards sampled contained the contamination with microorganisms like E. coli which can lead to food poisoning. It could be worse if more than one person use the same keyboard. As a result, regular keyboard cleaning [daily and weekly] clean from a professional commercial cleaning company is highly recommended.


2. Doorknobs. As we can observe, doorknobs are the frequently used in the office by multiple people [including visitors to your office], as a result, frequent disinfection is a good idea. This cleaning can be arranged once a week.

3. Faucet handles. Let’s imagine the number of people who wash their hands daily in the office. Anyone who need to touch a faucet will be likely to touch the handle. Therefore, a good clean of the handle while doing the office clean is also needed to lessen the germs in the office

4. The refrigerator handle. The germiest office spots are usually touched by many and disinfected by few. The study also discovers that the kitchen’s refrigerator is listed in this section and is recommended to go through some good sprays and disinfection regularly [at least weekly from professional commercial cleaning company].

5. Kitchen sponges. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it doesn’t recommend using sponges to clean things. You can try microwaving or boiling office kitchen sponges to clean them, but the results are mixed when it comes to the efficacy of either option. It is a good idea to simply replace the sponge by some kinds of kitchen brush which you can easily hang up and give a good clean when you finish cleaning all the dishes in the sink.

Clean the kitchen sponges or replace them by kitchen brush


6. Anything else people are touching all the time. Every office lends itself to a different kind of germiness depending on its occupants and workflow.


7. The air. Many infectious diseases spread through the air as sick people talk, cough, and sneeze. Good ventilation and a plentiful supply of hand sanitiser can help with this one. Also, the company should check the type of cleaning products to protect the health of their employees. Use Eco-friendly products and follow the technique of cleaning such as: not spraying into the air but to spray in the cloth and wipe the surface; all of them are good starting points to protect the air and protect the work environment.


Choosing good cleaning products [Eco-friendly, Environmental Choice] to spray and protect the health of your employees