Tips to get your place clean without breaking the bank

by | April 20, 2020

Here are tips to get your place clean without breaking the bank. Life may never be the same after the lockdown ends, but one thing is almost certain, we’ll have to go back to our workplace office.

So what has been happening in our offices during the lockdown? 

Either your workplace is an essential service and requires regular and thorough cleaning, or it is not an essential service and it has been dormant for weeks. 

Here are some tips on getting the place clean without breaking the bank or going overboard.

If your business is an essential service:

The chances are, the company has been cleaning and sanitising throughout the lockdown to avoid any potential spread of the coronavirus.

Ongoing cleans should focus on increased sanitation of touchpoints such as door handles, push plates, IT equipment and light switches.

Sanitising agents are not especially good to breathe in, if you have ever cleaned your bathroom with bleach without adequate ventilation or protection, you would have felt the throat irritation and cough that goes along with that. 

The key is to make sure that touchpoints are sanitised and then cleaned to minimise the potential for respiratory irritation.

If your business contracts-out the cleaning responsibilities, make sure the contractors are following stringent safety measures such as changing gloves regularly, hand hygiene and clean uniforms. These procedures help minimise cross-site contamination. 

If your business is not an essential service:

Have you ever noticed how an abandoned house is always dirtier than a lived-in house? 

Take stock because this is the time to undergo a deep clean of your worksite in order to remove the built-up dust and fungi that you would not get in well-used premises. 

Deep cleans involve detailed vacuuming, dusting and cleaning of most surfaces in the building, however, the place does not need to be sanitised.

It would not do any harm, however, it is not necessary and here is why: Your workplace has been empty for over a month, the lifespan of COVID-19 on any surface does not exceed 7 days, therefore, a deep clean to improve air quality and morale is more of what the office needs at this time.

Your cleaner should ideally be using HEPA filters on all their vacuuming equipment. These are effective in removing ultra-fine particles like: dander, pollen and mould, resulting in lower risks of allergic inflammation and lung irritation.

If you want more advice about cleaning and sanitising, talk to us at Clean Planet. We’re New Zealand-owned and here to help you.